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I Was A Fortunate Novice ...

While visiting Vegas last month I noticed that the minimum bet for craps had been lowered. It must have to do with a hope of attracting players to the game. Most of the casinos I visited during this time were fairly empty, which is no surprise to me, while our nation lives through this temporarily depressed economy. I saw some tables with one dollar minimums that would normally be at five. Wow...Seeing these lower table limits makes me feel a bit nostalgic. It made we realize how fortunate I was to have learned the game when I did.

You see, back in the late '90's, I had a great time learning my basic betting strategies to this game and practicing my tosses because the tables offered low limits like what I am seeing today. Over a decade ago, it was not unusual to find a twenty five cent table at the Plaza in Downtown Vegas. Back in those days I could find those twenty-five cent orange chip tables downtown and off the strip. Having caught the craps playing bug during a typical "virgin" shoot, I remember how after reading a few books about the game I had a desire to invest as little money as possible to gain some confidence with particular betting strategies that most players will find within the Dice Setter website pages.

Essentially, I was looking for cheap tuition to attend "Craps College." It is one thing to diligently practice my tosses, betting strategies and approaches at home with virtually no money at risk. It was quite a different story to go to the casino and invest my money on what, in theory, should yield a profit at the craps tables. So, back then, those quarter craps tables allowed me to afford a great craps education with little financial investment in the game.

My typical buy-in in those days was one hundred bucks. For that amount of money I found myself playing marathon sessions at The Plaza. I practiced my sets and dice deliveries from numerous spots and employed various versions of steep regressions, iron crosses and 'doey-don'ts" all on the cheap. It was great. The dealers and box men were great and no one "sweated" the money.

Allow me to digress here regarding sweating the money. Craps dealers back then were bright and cheerful and welcomed everyone to the game and were eager to teach. And, if casino personnel are reading this newsletter and wish to have a lot more players at the table, they might want to read the article from Casino Journal.

Okay, I don't think players in Vegas will find a twenty-five cent minimum craps table today. Those days are long gone. The only "quarter" tables a player can find use green chips. That's twenty-five dollars. Still, Vegas craps players can find one dollar to three dollar minimum craps tables at a few casinos some having better than "strip" odds.

Here's a list where you'll find some low minimums provided to me by one of the professional craps players in Vegas that keeps me posted on the current events inside those Vegas craps pits. He writes:
As the casino floors in Las Vegas need less vacuuming, casinos are starting to beef up their marketing ploys to get the carpets dirty again. At the craps tables, some of the marketing promotions include:

Binions - $1 table near the front door, but it quickly changes to
$3 and $5 as the crowd gathers.
Freemont - $3 table 24/7
Golden Gate - $3 table started the trend downtown
Sam's Town - $3 table
Eastside Cannery - $3 table

Many of the local non-Strip and non-Downtown casinos still offer $3 games

Plaza - new Crapless table
Vegas Club - new Crapless table
Harrah's, Bally's and Rio can be found with $5 limits at various times including Friday and Sundays

Perhaps this is a good time to try your unconventional tosses and expose yourself to those steep regression strategies for a lot less than you would have had to invest a few years ago.

Soft Touch

- In cards, a good deal depends on luck, and luck depends upon a good deal. -

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