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Because It's More Fun To Win

While interacting with the many gamers that connect with me in Vegas, the most common response I hear as to why they gamble has them describing the emotions they feel. Words like excitement, fun, a diversion are very common to hear.

I hear a lot from players about how they love the action. Rarely do I hear that they love to win.

Still, what is obvious is that people seem to play casino games of chance to fulfill some basic need and I can not logically describe reasons why other than some players need to play beyond a need to win. They just play to "let off steam' and for the exhilaration of it.

I play craps as a means of winning money using the techniques, systems and strategies I have learned throughout the years. I have gambled at the craps tables for the hell of it and I have played with a purpose and intent to win.

What I can tell you is that winning is by far more fun than losing. And, winning requires a much greater part of me to direct my focus on accomplishing this. It is so easy to lose.

Now, having had the satisfaction of winning, for several years, far exceeding those times when I have been in losing situations, I thought I would share a few things with my readers.

I picked up the sense that as elementary as these tips were, the last time I was in Vegas I observed way too many players forgetting some fundamental guidelines about winning.

What many players misunderstand is that before they put their dice setting skills into play, they must have enough confidence in themselves and believe they are going to win. By confidence, I mean that the player must have their act together. They must understand, before approaching the craps pit, their gaming approach well enough to play correctly. This approach includes what bets will be made with a correct bankroll to fund the session.

Believe me now, there is no magic formula out there that will turn you or me into a perpetual winner with out effort on our part. The craps game, like anything a player wishes to be successful with, requires time, patience, discipline and a commitment to win.

Here are a few tips worth sharing:

Learn your dice sets so thoroughly that you can toss them with out hesitation. A shooter should always travel with a pair of dice to practice with. The last thing you wish to hear at the table is a barking box man telling you to hurry up and just throw the dice.

Know what sets you are going to use. An easy way to do this is to always spot your set while the dice are sitting in front of the stick person. Better yet, if you have got the dealers on the line, just ask them to bring them to you with the preferred faces up.

Practice at home. Do your practice with as many distractions as you can find. Have the television on. Play while other people are talking to you. You know, in the game, the dealers and the pit crew are going to be handing you your players card once they are done with it and they are notorious at handing it back to you when it is your turn to shoot the dice. Happens to me all the time.

The cocktail waitress is going to ask you if you would like a drink. Players will be wanting to squeeze in at the rail next to you. Practice as often as you can and my advice is to do it for thirty minutes at a time. By doing so, you learn to acclimate to the casino environment and in thirty minutes of real play time you should know what direction your session is headed in even before your bankroll confirms this for you.

Plan your playing bankroll before you schedule your trip. Your bankroll money should not be needed for living expenses. Make it a policy to utilize money that you are willing to lose. Losing can happen and there is no point to placing your self at a psychological disadvantage by adding the pressure of needing to win with scared money.

Figure out how many playing sessions you will realistically attempt. Then multiply that session bankroll by the number of times you think you will be able to play to figure out how much you will need to support your gambling endeavor.

If you are a nickel player playing a pass line progression, you will need at least one hundred and fifty dollars to support that. If you plan to make any other wagers, you must bring the bankroll to support that per session. If you play three sessions per day and are staying in Vegas for at least three days then you realistically need over one thousand dollars just to support a pass line positive progression strategy. This does not mean that you will utilize all of it. It means that you have given yourself the psychological edge needed knowing you brought sufficient funds to be a formidable winning player.

I see too many players getting on the pass line and then placing box numbers with little funds to stay in the game long enough to capitalize on the dice falling out of probability. Have the funds for each bet you would like to make. I usually wish to see at least the dice go around once and that means that I will need the funds to see at least ten players take their turn at tossing the dice. Hence, the need for one hundred and fifty dollars for just the pass line progression strategy at a five dollar minimum table.

Keep your betting limits within your bankroll size. Do not over bet your bankroll size. As tempting as it is to pull money from future sessions, don't do it. Just be patient when having a losing session. Take a walk, have a drink and enjoy the ambience of the casino before coming back to the craps pit. You can find an open craps table twenty four hours a day. These tables will wait for you. They are not going away.

So, keeping just of few of these basic playing tidbits in mind, come to the craps table with confidence about yourself and your game. Fully funded, you make the choice to play to win, not for any other reason. And, certainly not just for the thrill of playing.

Because, it is more fun to win!

Soft Touch

" ... old gamblers never die ... they just crap out.

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