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What is Your Emotional Bankroll?

Bill Burton, a well-respected gaming author, introduced me to the concept of the "emotional bankroll". He explained that, as players, we find ourselves justifying our sessions' financial bankrolls, but rarely give significant thought to the psychological impact of our bankroll variations.  And, it is this psychological impact that can sometimes cause us to fail, to lose our session bankroll, when we do not permit ourselves the psychological detachment needed to tolerate the variations of the game.

Some professionals, like the DiceCoach, define emotional bankroll as the gradual attempt to increase our emotional tolerance to risk. By gradually exposing ourselves to increased betting units and extended table play, we learn to accept the consequences of this additional risk. We learn to treat both the wins and losses as a matter of fact, not allowing emotional swings to govern our play.

So, is there some magic formula that will teach us how to increase our tolerance to risk?

Early in my Craps career, I knew that I wanted to be a green to black chip player. With Mr. Burton's advice, I embarked on a mental discipline that would allow me to gradually increase my betting threshold, while still preserving my emotional well-being.

I want to share some of my own ideas or philosophies about "Emotional Bankroll", and how I make it work for me.

First, Focus Forward. Always focus on the next throw, the next dice set, the next place bet. During a session, I've been known to turn to the DiceCoach and tell him to get his dollar chip ready because a 4 or 10 is coming up next. He always grins when he's forced to throw out his $1 chip for the 2 for 1 pay off. Always keep your thoughts in forward motion.

Come to terms with your losses. I quietly reconcile my emotional well-being with any losing session, accepting this as an opportunity to become better at this game. Keeping this thought at the forefront automatically forces me to improve. Losses stimulate growth, keep you humble and remind you to leave your ego at home. 

Eliminate the "would've, should've, could've" mentality from your mind. I try to detach myself from the outcome, moving on in a positive fashion to the next playing opportunity

Try making money for others. In helping others make money for themselves, I bolster my "Emotional Bankroll" with positive energy, as well as increase my own ability to win. I think this is part of Dice Coach's success. In the process of observing and teaching his students, his personal game is becoming more and more consistent.

Lastly, Always respect the randomness of this game.  As in life, opposite values co-exist with one another - up/down, win/lose, pleasure/pain. All our experience is by contrast. One experience would be meaningless without having experienced its opposite value.

So, what's your emotional bankroll?

Soft Touch

In the casino, everyone thinks they're an expert. An expert is a guy who knows 47 ways to make love, but can't find a girlfriend. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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