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Connecting the dots

A quote taped to the Dice Coach's computer monitor reads:

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."Napoleon Hill


            While I believe this to be true for most successful people like the Dice Coach, it always has me thinking; why do successful people in life tend to also be successful craps players?

             There are players in this small community who do make the dice-influencing approach work and I have always wondered what keeps these players on the winning side of the game.  How is their game different?  What are they doing that allows them to be more successful?

            Over time I have watched these players and concluded that they see the game as a whole. They see the mechanics of the game as only one small part of their game. 

            Connecting the dots and pin-pointing how this dice-setting approach works has been an ongoing journey for me.  I am frequently asked, "Do you believe it works?

            While my answer is a resounding YES, the reason behind that positive response surprises most craps players.  My reasoning is based on a different paradigm and has everything to do with player consciousness.  I firmly believe there is an energy connection between the physical and the nonphysical parts of this game.

            I see dice-setting or dice-influencing as both the mechanical process and, in a broader sense, in the way we control our reality. Simply stated, we must first believe that as creative beings we can control our dice-toss outcomes by what we say and think during our game. Our thoughts and our sounds project energy. We play with the intent to get what we expect. Whatever we expect, we create.

            For those who play with me at the table, you will often hear me ask the shooter what number they are shooting for right before he or she grips the dice.

            Utilizing certain dice sets basically forces us to be mindful of what we intend our outcome to be. Doing so, forces us to focus on a set plan for a desired physical outcome.  I often ask the shooters I work with to take just one more step before tossing the dice. I will ask them to say, "What number do I desire?"

            Granted, this is a very small step outside the mechanical elements of the game, yet it keeps them focused on shooting their desired number. It also keeps them in the present moment.

            While the toss mechanics are important, I believe it is far more important to focus on our attitude as we approach the table. And this should begin long before we actually enter the game.  Players will achieve far greater results believing they are winners -rather than believing they are ruled by some other power that may grant them a wish that day.

            My results at the table will come when I take control of my thoughts and feelings during the game. Positive results do not stem from hopes, prayers and wishes. You will often hear Dice Coach tell his students, "Hope is not a strategy."

            A better strategy is to believe.  Believe that the outcome you desire has already occurred because you expect nothing different. This desire comes well before you grip the dice.

            While we still live in a world where it is difficult to measure how our consciousness influences matter, as players we would be remiss if we did not at least consider the possibilities.

            Create an awareness of how our consciousness works and how we, as advantage players, possess that power to create -whether it be on the craps table or for what we desire in our lives.

            What the mind can conceive…

            Best of luck in the pits,

            Soft Touch

Is there some reason why you work 40 hard hours to earn $500, then spend four hard hours giving it away to your favorite casino? Has anyone, at any casino, ever thanked you?

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