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While thumbing through the September 13th issue of the current events periodical - US News and World Report, an article by Christopher Schmitt that caught my eye. He was reviewing a book written by a Harvard Professor, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, called Confidence: How Winning & Losing Streaks Begin and End. In this book she details how confidence can make all the difference between success and failure. I found this especially timely in light of my last month's discussion: The Three C's of Craps.

Confidence, one of my Three C's to Success, and is fast becoming a nationally recognized buzzword both in and out of the gaming arena. It is this quality that I encourage in craps players, and it is the achievement of this confidence will allow them to succeed at their game.

As the magazine article goes on to explain, Ms. Kanter states that at the heart of success is confidence, and confidence is the key to success. Maintaining confidence in the organizational business world requires focus. This timely business article goes on to explain how a group's confidence can "make or break" a company. Beyond the business world, I believe the principles stated in Ms. Kanter's book can easily ring true in our gaming arena as well.

Within the next few paragraphs are Ms. Kanter's "cornerstones of confidence", and some consideration should be given of these key ingredients as they apply to our craps game plan.

First of all, the author states that it is important to Maintain Accountability. People should share and exchange information. They should take responsibility for their actions, always working toward higher standards, while hiding nothing in an effort to show the true picture of their progress. In the craps world, we have to accept our failures, as well as our successes. We have to be honest with ourselves about our performance, and not allow excuses to creep into our reasons for losing.

Another cornerstone is Collaboration. People must maintain a certain respect for one another, working together in order to elevate the common good. This collaboration plays a significant role in achieving confidence. Ideas are shared among our dice community. Those with the greater knowledge and experience, mentor those who are just starting out. These efforts are key to our confidence and one of the most honorable things we can do for one another in our craps world.

Lastly she goes on to say that we need to Take the Initiative in the offering of ideas and suggestions. Not only will it help others, but it will also make a difference to what we do and in what we want to achieve. I have personally witnessed this initiative in the collaboration between the DiceCoach, Heavy - Axis Power Craps, the Professor - Playing4keeps, and Irishsetter. They are working together to assist and educate our dice community; even through they each have their own unique perspective on the game of Craps. And their upcoming CrapsFest might just turn out to be one of their most successful achievements.

So, it's nice to feel validated. To know that I wasn't too far off the "mark" when describing the qualities we should develop and strive for in our approach to winning. It is nice to know that our approach to our game, as well as to winning, is the same approach we take in our business lives. And Confidence is the key.

Soft Touch
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