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Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending

Ninja Craps Pro

Ninja Craps Pro



Our Workshops

If you find yourself interested in learning some really new, "out of the box" concepts on how to improve your craps game from an energetic level, then come and meet with us.

Dice Coach, The Professor and I are not about stopping and changing the approaches and strategies you are implementing in your game. We are about understanding how to make your game better and assisting you with our collective wisdom to get winning concepts to sink deeper into your game. How do we do this? By taking the chaos created by the craps game and sharing ways to seeing order in it. And, by literally engaging in having you play your game with "eyes wide open."

Whether it means changing your mechanics, pushing you toward taking a greater measured risk, or kicking out your self-sabotaging beliefs about winning, we will definitely move you toward achieving a fascination with our game, and we'll do it from a place of child like amusement instead of a cookie cutter, lecture like approach.

You know, sometimes I encounter students who are so consumed and busy with the details of their toss mechanics and strategies that they feel that anything outside of what they've already studied will interfere with their winning. Yet, that type of intensity will keep a player playing his or her game on an ego level. Remember, ego likes to play it safe, doesn't like change and loves the status quo. Where is the game elevating, self-discovery in that? So, look at your results and whether they are achieving what you truly desire.

We'll show you where luck, the good, bad and otherwise, plays a role in your game. Should luck even play a role in your game? Because a lot of players believe that luck is something that just happens in your game randomly and that it cannot be created or harnessed. Yet, hanging on that belief allows the player a very convenient excuse or crutch for not putting in the time, money and energy for understanding the true energetic nature of the craps game.

As one of my mentors has always stated: "You'll never get diamonds in your life by planting rocks! You'll never grow gardens of success by planting weeds." Come sow some seeds of success with us and plant a money garden in the casinos with us. I run into so many players I would love to help who are just gems waiting to be polished.

Join us this June! Or if you're not available, there will be a couple of more opportunities before the year is over.

And remember this: As a winning player, you should always intend to hold yourself to the highest of playing standards, because if you do, you will amaze yourself with all the creative ways possible to achieve your craps playing goals.

See you in the Dice Coach Dice Lab!

Soft Touch

If you gamble with the attitude that you"ll probably lose, you probably will. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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