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Winning Starts With.....

"Chance favors the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

I happened to glance at my horoscope today. It read: "Pie in the sky dreams are lucky. It could happen! If you want to know wealth, don't look to someone else to provide it for you." Well, as the song goes, "God bless the child that's got his own." To make winning happen, it is all up to you.

Oh, the timing of that horoscope! At a time of year that we all need to ponder, even if just for a moment, what we would like to achieve this year with our gaming endeavors. This is the best time of the year for scripting our future, for writing down our goals. Doing this forces us to define what we know and, more importantly, what we want. 

There is power in our pens. But first, we have to be clear on our goals for our casino sessions. It is so important to know what we intend to do to make ourselves winners. Keeping our intentions uppermost in our minds, we have to get a sense of what matters the most to us when we play.

When I write my intentions down, it means that I believe they are achievable. It means that I am committed to accomplishing a win. As opposed to vocalizing my intentions, writing down my goals creates a stronger connection to my game. In putting my thoughts down on paper, it is forcing me to be aware of what I have to work on, what I have to achieve in order to accomplish my winning goals.

Listing my goals in writing also helps me maintain my individuality. I am forced to be specific and clear about my desire to win. And, any indecision or confusion created by a group mind-set is removed when I focus on what I really want to achieve with my skill. 

I place no immediate time limit on my written goals. I just believe that writing "pulls" toward me the experiences I need to expand my abilities. I will spend the rest of my year preparing to receive those experiences and making the most of them. 

There are those who maintain a "seeing is believing" mentality. I do not completely ground my self in logic. I don't have to touch, taste or see something materialize, before I can believe that winning will happen. In my case, more often than not, "believing" is truly seeing.

It just would not be January, the beginning of a fresh New Year, if we did not take the time to declare our winning intentions for the year ahead. For the novice, as well as the long time player, it is a great time to focus on our goals for our play. It is a time to take the initiative to establish exactly what we want to accomplish in this coming year. And then write it down so there is no doubt about our intentions. 

If winning is important to you- write it down to make it happen.

Soft Touch

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything. - Geena Davis -

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