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I'd Rather Be a Master...

Soft Touch Says,

I was prompted by The Professor's article in this newsletter to get this "off my chest."

In this game, I would prefer to be considered by my community as a master of the game rather than a "guru." In my mind, masters teach, gurus control. Those on the road to mastery of their craps game share their knowledge, experiences, passion and facilitate positive game development. I've met a lot of game masters out there and I avoid the gurus. The difference has to do with which one will promote self empowerment. The difference with me is that the player must be an involved student rather than just a viewer of any skill I may possess at the game.

Yes, there are gurus who possess a lot of skill out there. I do not wish to deny them. What comes to mind is the current phrase of whether they "walk the talk." Still, on the other side of teaching, there are parties out there making money teaching yet, the inconsistency comes from watching them teach people how to make money at this game when they themselves are basically broke. It's all a bit incongruent.

And, I've heard cynical players out there complain that the only people who make money in this game of craps are the people who teach others how to play the game of craps by offering workshops and classes. Essentially, stating that the only way to beat the game is to charge people to teach them how to play an unbeatable game. These cynics are not focused on winning.

I have often heard it stated that we should teach what we need to know, rather than just teach what it is we already know. I believe that this is where the saying: "Fake it until you make it" comes from.

In other words, fueled with the proper attitude, the concept of acting as if we already are what we wish to become or "fake it till you make it, " can become a very powerful tool when you can pretty much be what you want to be by doing what it takes for you to get there.

In this game, we are winners. We do what winners are supposed to do to possess that which winners posses. Be that which you wish to become. You tell the world you are a winner at this game, and then you passionately study the game and practice your little butt off every day, and then you become a talented player who can facilitate a win at any given casino across the country and back, smiling every step of the way as you carry your chips to the casino cage.

In this game, I have always enjoyed investigating what I need to know to win. I then pass on what winning gems of knowledge I have learned on to others by publishing or producing something players can benefit from. This not only empowers me, it empowers those I teach. We are all in the same gaming "boat." I just happen to be a player who teaches that winning is possible.

The bottom line is this, while there are people making money teaching classes and selling information about how to be an advantage player through dice influence or dice control, those people usually have experience being a success at whatever they did before they got into the business. They use themselves as case studies. My advice to you is to be a student of the game. Look for those masters who understand that they want you to feel the same passion, integrity, honesty and good intentions they have to share with others. There is great value in that. And, when you don't get that feeling...then run.

Remember: This is just a game. Our objective is simple – we come together as a community and have some fun playing a game that we create together and share experiences.


Soft Touch

Gambling is a great way to get nothing for something" - Milton Berle -

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