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Why Coach?

I had a friend of mine ask me the other day "why do you bother to teach people how to throw the dice? It seems like a thankless job." 

I was caught a bit off guard by her question, and before I answered with a flippantly - "why not, life is for giving" type of answer, I paused and pondered the question a bit longer.

I help people. It is my nature to help, to give to people when I can. After all, I believe we are here on this earth for a brief time to find our purpose in our lives and to share that purpose with others. And this philosophy applies when it comes to helping others with their game.

There is a lot that goes into being a success at the tables. Some of my own knowledge of the game is self-taught, and some learned through reading books. But a major part of my game was learned through the insights and experiences of others. 

And yes, I took a few workshops on dice setting/influencing when first starting out on my gaming journey. That is how I met the dynamic Dice Coach, along with some other very remarkable people. And it is through this combination of experiences that I developed my own unique approach to coaching.

I never try to force my approach to the game on anyone. I offer my advice and recommendations freely and cheerfully. If the student does not wish to accept my approach to the game or my recommendation on a throw, I am never offended. The student must choose how he or she wants to play their game, and must feel comfortable with the method they choose.

Most importantly, when coaching or teaching with the Dice Coach, I am careful to not make a student dependent on us. When the student becomes dependent on our skill, we have reduced their capacity to believe in their own ability to win.

It is important for me to help others be successful at the craps tables. And seeing them become successful, allows me to become a winner too. I subscribe to the old adage: where two or more are gathered, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the positive aspect of our dice community.

My bonus is that in teaching, I refresh my own knowledge and reinforce my own skills. The more I share my knowledge, the more proficient and skillful I become myself. 

So, my key to success is simple. What I wish to become, I help another to become. Believe me, this has served me well and rewarded me at the tables.

And, I am grateful for the teaching and coaching opportunities I have had in 2004. 
Happy New Year!

Soft Touch
Winning at the craps table begins with good money management.

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