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Ninja Craps Pro



 My Favorite Casinos for Craps Play

As a frequent visitor to Vegas, I play the game of craps regularly. At a minimum, I will visit the city once a month. And, I have frequented the town as many as three times a month, staying a minimum of three days each trip. I generally play a minimum of three sessions per trip, and it is not unusual for me to play up to 8-10 sessions each time I am in the city of dreams.

From a woman’s perspective, what matters to me most in selecting my favorite casino is customer service. In particular, I focus and remember how the crew of each shift in the craps pit interacts with me before, during and after each session. 

In addition, how the crew and floor personnel communicate with me is vital to my success. This rapport is not instantly granted but is something I cultivate with every return visit. As players, we have to remember to always do our part and respect the positions of the crewmember if you want them to extend the same courtesy to the player.

It is always good to hear from the Dice Coach that the crew from a certain casino sends their regards. This tells me that they make an effort to remember who I am and they realize that with out good customer service we would not keep coming back to their casino for more play.

I play most of my sessions in the evening and have found that my optimal time for play peaks during the graveyard shift. In fact, I have experienced most of my winning sessions during the wee hours of the night. The day shift crew that usually starts around 4:00AM would be my next favorite crew to play with.

My list encompasses different levels of good service, based on my most recent sessions. Keep in mind that my list of favorites does not guarantee me a win. But it does optimize my potential for winning, providing me with a relatively safe, familiar and positive environment to play in. This list is based on my few visits to Las Vegas, and is always evolving.

The Soft Touch Top Ten (On/Off and around the Strip)

1. Bellagio
2. Green Valley Ranch 
3. Mandalay Bay
4. Fremont
5. Golden Nugget
6. Casuarina
7. Treasure Island 
8. Venetian
9. The Palms
10. The Orleans

Soft Touch
Have you ever noticed that everyone in a casino seems to be in a hurry? Are they in a hurry to win, or a hurry to lose? - From Wit & wisdom To Help You Win, by by John Gollehon -

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