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What about biased dice?
As is customary in our Dicebusters workshops, we include an in-casino session for our participants, giving them a chance to try out some of the unique playing strategies that we have designed for the group.

It was during our casino session this past June that Michael Vernon, The Professor, asked our table dealer if the casino was using biased dice. The dealer's response made me chuckle and went something like this:

Michael said, turning to the closest dealer "Sir, are your casinos using biased dice?"
With a scratch on the head, the dealer replied, "I don't know what you mean?"
To which, Michael repeated, "Sir, is your table using biased dice, you know, are your dice loaded?"
With a big smile, our dealer replied, "Well, I'm not sure about the dice but I'm pretty sure the dealers here are loaded!" ..............Bada bing...

All kidding aside, it is interesting how we all share differing views about the subject of "bias dice" in Las Vegas. I've had a number of conversations over the past couple of years with some very savvy dice players. Some swear they experience this phenomenon, while others feel it just does not exist.

I maintain a healthy respect for all the players on both sides of this issue, and have given some serious thought to this whole bias dice issue.

There are players out there with lengthy playing experience who say they are spotting a trend that they attribute to biased dice. For me to suggest that I do not believe them or to try to disprove their theory is just not my place. We are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions when it comes to discussing this game, and should be free to discuss our theories and anecdotal evidence with others in the dice community. We should also feel just as free to accept or reject those same experiences as part of our own reality.

When dice control or influence was first introduced back in the 90's, very few people believed it could actually work. Over time, the theories and possibilities gathered energy and like-minded players believed it worked for them.

Twenty years later, dice setting is an accepted and respected practice. Today the idea that "maybe it could work", has evolved into an acceptance that physical dice manipulation can be an advantage play. For those who don't believe in "dice control/influence" I am certain they look for other ways to win at the game. Dice influence is but one aspect of the dice game. Other aspects of the game like betting approaches, table selection and bankroll considerations, also play an important role in any craps session. All these aspects of the game are inter-related when it comes to a winning session.

Whether the changes the bias-dice researchers are seeing are truly due to an intentional conspiracy by the casinos, perhaps forced by the changing economy, or just poor manufacturing, I don't know. Will these changes influence the consciousness of the dice player as a result? Again, I don't know. What I do know is that it is all part of our evolutionary gaming process.

How do we use this information in our game? How do we take all we know and package it to our advantage? I am sure we each have different answers to these questions. Still, the results witnessed in the game provide us with feedback. It is not about right or wrong answers. The feedback is simply an indicator of a direction we wish to head toward, consciously or not.

When dice influencing entered the consciousness of the craps player, the game changed on a broader level. Has it reached critical mass? Maybe. Yet, I am not sure the introduction of the idea of biased dice will have as much impact on the broader craps playing consciousness. I find it interesting that there are readers out there that have such a low opinion about those who believe in the possibility of biased dice. Each side should not feel the need to defend what they believe.

I would like to feel that this subject is all about growth. We are all just sharing our ideas and our experiences; however far-fetched they may seem to some. We all should be doing whatever it takes to win. If believing a bias of some sort allows that particular player to achieve a winning attitude, then more power to them. However, if those that believe in bias dice attribute their losing solely to their existence, then they are denying all other possibilities surrounding the game. To those blaming bias dice for their losses, I would suggest they stop playing the game because they have, in a sense, "shot themselves in the foot" instilling a belief in their approach that they no longer have an exploitable advantage, and it has become true for them during the game. It is a "set up" of their own making, and they are bound for failure. This player has given up their playing power with the game. Simply stated, if the player believes it they will see it.

If a player believes casinos are introducing mildly crooked dice into the game, then why play? That is just not fun. Remember the saying that has been circulated so many times over, "when the game is not fun, it is time to run". It is one thing to continue to harp on about an unfair game and all things the evil casinos are doing to their patrons. It is quite another issue to see how a group who shares this belief overcomes it to win. This is the question I am asking: For those players who now entertain the idea of the existence of biased dice games, how does a player capitalize on this "trend"?

In all my years of playing, I have no direct experience with this particular perceived phenomenon. Therefore am unable and not motivated at this time to expand on the subject. However, if there are players who feel this is a possibility turned probability within their realm of gaming reality, I know plenty of good people they can share ideas with.

Have a great summer everyone.

Soft Touch

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