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Don't Compete For Winning Moments.

Typically, the mindset of those within our craps playing community will often view the game of casino craps as a competition. We often think of it as playing against the "House" or playing against other players who happen to be utilizing a strategy that runs counter to ours.

I recognize craps is a zero sum game and there has to be a winner and a loser. Still, I believe that as players we can still choose which side of the gaming outcome we wish to camp in. What I am addressing here is the player's attitude, and I feel this competitive conditioning limits our playing potential and ability.

Even on the many craps forums, blogs and websites, there is much written about who is the best dice instructor, who has the best message board, who the best shooter, what is the best playing strategy or what is the best bet to make. There are players, in their arrogance, claiming that they are better than "random rollers" -in other words, other players and members outside of their dice shooting camp. With all this "competitiveness" there is a constant pursuit to be better than someone else, which only limits a player's winning potential.

My feeling is that it makes no difference how smart or skilled a player may be, the game is really about how creative and innovative a player can be in the specific playing moment. Creativity has no competitive edge. It is unlimited.

When asked for my opinion about all of this focus on who is the best or what is the better strategy, my simple reply is that I just don't care. When it comes to winning at the tables, my focus is not on competing against anyone or anything; it just comes down to winning in this game. It has everything to do with where a player utilizes his or her energetic power in the search of and creation of playing moments, those moments that produce the intended winning results.

As my game has evolved, I have moved away from a competitive attitude and have always preached that this attitude runs counter to my success in terms of winning at the tables. Creating winning opportunities should be at the core of the dice influencing playing strategy. Why else believe in dice setting, and rhythmic rolling if we are not working toward creating a window of winning opportunity? Why else practice "the art of focused dice intent" (which is a my fancy way of describing dice influencing by studying various dice sets, grips and throws) if it were not for the express purpose of creating winning opportunities for ourselves at the craps tables?

The reality of dice influence comes down to this: as players we have created a community that believes in employing dice throwing techniques, supported by a perceived framework that has its rules and structure. We believe that with these rules we have found a way to influence the dice.

The player believes in and employs a certain method to create an outcome with their dice. This unique something created a more consistent desired result. Seeking to capture and repeat this "tossing magic" for predictable outcomes, we created procedures and rules that continue to be taught to groups of students of the game.

Players that have practiced a particular dice throwing technique enough times to create a certain playing terrain, have us believing that dice outcomes are a result of or response to something we "did." Essentially, what we created was a cause for an for an effect, creating a playing approach that if we do "this" then we create "that."

Comparing ourselves to an adversary or the so-called competition is counter-productive. This erroneous thinking diminishes our tossing power and is out of alignment with our winning attitude. It is far better to believe that our winning opportunities are unlimited and it is simply up to us to create them.

From what I observe of the truly successful players like the Dice Coach, is that at the craps table, as well as in their lives, they never compete with another entity. Their prevailing energy is about creating winners and winning results.

In the game of craps, as with our life, our success or failure is directly related to our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions. Other people, the so-called "competition", do not have the power to keep you from winning. The only real competition we have in life is what goes on between our positive thoughts and undisciplined mind.

If you as a player choose to compete against something, choose to compete against a lack of understanding. Keep an open mind and don't root yourself in a single method or skill.

So, next time you find yourself at the craps table, keep your focus on the roll you wish to create - to the exclusion of everything else. 

Soft Touch

Gambling is a great way to get nothing for something" - Milton Berle -

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