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New Year, New Goals

While I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions every time a new year rolls around, time and experience has taught me that achieving success with my goals goes up dramatically when I add a few steps to my playing intentions. Here are a few ideas that I use that may help you to get started.

First, proclaim your intentions to yourself. Then voice your intentions to someone else. I know a great many of you like to come to Vegas and, before you hit the tables at the casino, will take a tune up with the Dice Coach. Why not express your playing goals to him before ending your lesson? Share how you plan to achieve your goals, and thereby creating accountability for your actions while playing. I guarantee your odds of winning will go up if you do this.

Second, I suggest journaling your sessions at the tables. This is not the same as charting the table, this is making note of your game play after your current session. Jot down your wins and losses. Make a note of the table energy and how you personally reacted to that energy. What did you change to make your session a positive one? What did you do differently when you lost? At the end of the year your notes may surprise you. Your journal will help you appreciate just how far you have evolved with your game. It will also inspire you to make small adjustments as you play throughout the year.

Lastly, reward yourself when you win. When you lose, review your play, your betting strategies and your emotions at the table. Rewarding yourself motivates you to stay on track. Reviewing a losing session enables you to let go of the experience and start fresh for the next session.

Here's to the best 2017 a craps player can achieve. Cheers!

Soft Touch

If you gamble with the attitude that you"ll probably lose, you probably will. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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