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Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending

   THIS IS NOT A SYSTEM - it is a skill, and one we can teach you! ™


FEATURE ARTICLE  »»» by Michael Vernon
When to Walk Away

... Several factors influence how long I will play, as well as, when I decide to color up and end my game

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Everything you need to know about shooting dice

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HELPFUL INFO            by:Soft Touch»»»
Build Your Own Craps Table

Additional information can be found at the PDF file below. You will be downloading a Zip file which is compressed and requires a Zip program to open and use the product. Good news most newer computers have this software already installed. Craps Practice Table Plans (Click Here) provided by

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TESTIMONIALS from recent Dice Coach students!

"...Ira and I headed to the Golden Nugget downtown, where Ira lit up the tables, rolling for an hour and hitting the ATS (All-Tall-Small) twice! Ira colored up $2,370.00, and I colored up $5,160.00. ."

"...My first session, I threw 9 passes and it was looking good. The next session was a monster. I did very well and finally seven'd out after about a 45 rolls. At that point I had almost $3000.00 on the table due to my progressive betting. I start out with $25.00 on the pass line plus max odds. I then establish a point and bet $110.00 inside. I bet the Dice Doctor method of progression and it works very well for me. I ended up $13,000 winner on that session and I am now very happy with my new set... ."

"...before I took your class, $27.00 across was a big bet for me and I was usually a loser...What a great way to start my trip. I had a few good wins on the other days and I came home with $47,000 ."

"...I recently traveled to Vegas for a Craps Tournament. First stop to see Beau (aka Dice Coach) for a turn up and brush up on Tournament tactics. Got a good secession in and Beau showed me another grip and toss as well...I cleared 2500.00 and who knows what I might have NOT gotten as comp chips at the next level of the tournament..."

"Mr. Beau just wanted to thank you again for the class. It really helped us.My wife rolled 24 rolls her first time. She said that you'd be proud of her if you saw her roll. Hahaha...My last one was 30+ for about an hour. Hit the tall.... I'm up $1,000.00 this trip. We will definitely contact you for tune up when we come back o Vegas..."

"I'd like to share some good news about my trip to Biloxi. This was my first trip since the pandemic started last year...The highlight of the trip was my session at the Hard Rock Casino...My toss lasted over an hour, clocking in with a 52 number roll, hitting 14 hard way numbers... Rock n Roller was back!!! ..."

"Thanks again for teaching me about dice control and dice sets...Today I made the ALL for the sixth time in February. I made the ALL 3 times in September, 5 times in October, 8 times in November, 7 times in December and only 1 one time in January (it was on the 31st)...Your 2 "tune-ups" last fall helped after the shutdown for the pandemic. I would recommend them to everyone who comes to Las Vegas..."

"...Had a monster run making the all small, all tall and all...and cashed out for $3,200.00!...Thanks again see you post Covid. I did feel safe as masks and safety protocols were in place..."

"...Ryan's shooting went Super Sonic. Tuesday after class Ryan's first long roll 37! Wednesday longest roll for the day 42! Thursday a whopping 61 rolls!...The Las Vegas trip was his birthday present. Ryan's first class learning dice influence! What great results..."

"...Hit the small, just needed a dang YO to complete to ATS. Cashed out over $2,500.00 of their money. Looking forward to our next tune up class. ..."

"...Leonard was UN-stoppable! Everyone made money on his rolls. I don't think he tossed for less than ten rolls whenever he got the dice. Most rolls were in the 15-20 toss range...Thanks again for your help and coaching..."

"...Went from table to table shooting from the end, last table shot for 1 hr. 5 minutes! Hit the A T S 1.5 times..."

"Last week I had a great roll (90-minutes according to the dealer)...I hit the 6-point Fire Bet...a win of 5K for me, and 5K for the dealers!...Bottom line, I colored up for $11,534.00"

"...I am very new at playing craps. Only six months mow...Bought in for $200.00...Betting conservative I colored up at $1,600.00..."

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    My gambling career began on my 16th birthday, ... and almost ended that same day! My Dad had treated me to a Las Vegas holiday for my birthday and was determined 
to teach me the game of Craps. In an effort to make me look older, he had me put on my only suit and tie, complete with cufflinks. Then it was off to his favorite casino, the Fremont in downtown Las Vegas.   

My palms were sweating and my throat was dry as the stickman guided the dice to me   ... read more

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With a Roll of the Dice
By Michael Kaplan
Cigar of the Year, Jan/Feb 2005

The less you bet the more you lose when you win.

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