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Ninja Craps Pro



After Playing This Darn Game Of Craps For 45 Years, I Can Sincerely Say That I Have Finally Discovered The Holy Grail To Winning Consistently!

That's right Ladies and Gents, 'Ole Beau has got it. And I am more than happy to  share it with you. As you might not know, I have the most interesting and successful Clients around this great big world, both in their personal and business lives. I feel really blessed to be able to do what I do and it never seems like work when you love what you do. That's why I say,  "Hey, I play Craps for a living".

Now, I have something for you that can truly make you successful and gratifying in the Gaming World as well. One of my students had informed me of a guy who was the only one that he knew of who played Craps professionally for a living for a number of years and counting, was a "Black-Chip+ Bettor", and didn't need to shoot the dice to accomplish this.

We spoke on the phone and thru e-mails over the last 18 months and finally got together this Spring. Now, let me tell you, over the years, I have had quite a few people contact me to tell me they have "the latest and greatest thing" to beat Craps, then come to see me, demonstrate their system in The Craps Pit, and fail miserably. This would go on without fail. Well that day ended when I met Steve Nelli.

Let me tell you a little bit about Steve Nelli. Steve has been a professional Craps Player for the past 10 years. He has also even taken some dice control courses to see even if he was missing something to this game. When Steve arrived at my house, we hit it off immediately. There was a nice aura about him. He told me a little about of what his betting method is all about. He made it very clear to me that this IS NOT A SYSTEM. He informed me that although all systems can work occasionally, they can NEVER work consistently because they are mechanical and require the "System Player" to do the same thing regardless of table conditions.

His  approach to the game is the most unique betting method that I have ever seen in my lengthy career. It is a Methodology, which means that it is Flexible and allows one to make adjustments and conform their betting style based on the current table conditions. It is based on Proven, Scientific Principles that exist all the time and Never Ever go away. I know some of you might be thinking that is absolutely ridiculous, I was extremely skeptical too when he was briefing me on this. His only request to me was that when I shoot the dice and bet my normal way, that I to play the game with the intent of winning. He said this because he didn't want me to try and counter his bets to lose purposely because I knew what his bets were when he made them. I told him, "Fine, no problem. I can do that". He told me that in order to play "The Method" (as he calls it) successfully, you need two pre-requisites. First you need at least 5-7 players, including yourself. This is necessary, so that you have enough time to process the roll recording history and then execute the bets. Second, you need a crew with a good attitude.

He proceeded to tell me with passion and conviction, that the games works through energetic principles. That the Math comes into it's statistical probability through the ENERGY of the game, not the other way around. He said this is why gaming authors really don't know "jack s***" about this game, and don't know how to exploit a table to the hilt, and take advantage to what's going on at the table IN THE MOMENT. It is this Universal Energy of the game that actually keeps "order", which results with the numbers following their statistical probability.

The first thing he did was get some table history through writing down the rolls as they happened. His betting method doesn't involve any dangerous betting progressions. In fact, most of his bets were the same amount (Flat Bets). I noticed "The Method", was fluctuating at times during our session. It has strict Win Goals and Stop Losses that must be adhered to in order to accomplish the objective. To Win Consistently; and without any serious drawdowns. During the session, Steve got close to his Stop Loss. He wasn't even bothered by this. He just stated, like Mad Magazines icon, Alfred E. Newman, "What Me Worry? I'm not."

He proceeded to win bet after bet. Making Place Bets and Lay Bets. He even did it simultaneously once too! I was stupefied, and couldn't follow his process. The only thing I know is he kept winning his bets. He then told me how he was going to execute this paroli he calls "The Triple Lindy". He said he coined the name from a Rodney Dangerfield movie. He informed that the only numbers that continually were about to roll was going to be the 4, 8, and 10. Folks, that just what happened. My wife Beth, was completely amazed by what Steve said and that's just what we saw. Steve won his Paroli bet. He informed me it didn't matter who had the dice, this is what was going to happen. I said to him, "You mean that if I just pick up these dice and fling them down the table, that it's going to result in a 4, 8 or 10? He said, "Yeah, that's right." Folks, I kid you not, I winged the dice down the table and sure enough, Hard Four!

A normal session is about 40-90 minutes long. Steve had been talking, roll-recording and betting for two hours. I was so intrigued and was like a kid in a candy store from what I just witnessed. We played together a few times after; with similar results. For good measure, Steve insisted that I call a couple of his students to ask him what they thought about the Method. A couple of these students had studied with me in the past. One of my previous students, who has been playing Craps for over 35 years told me flat out, "Beau, you have to be absolutely crazy and out of your mind to NOT  GET THIS METHOD. If I had this Method 30 years ago, I would have never started my company." I couldn't resist it anymore. I took the plunge and got it.

The most amazing thing is that The Method only requires a Life-Time Playing Bankroll of 60 units. SIXTY UNITS. Are you kidding me, that's insane! Actually it's not, people. He states there is no way that it is at risk if you follow the Rules. I must inform you, it involves quite a bit of information and requires some intense reading. It is not some Magic Bullet, Pie in the Sky way of playing. Just like anything else, you have to put the time in. It does involve some pretty intense reading and studying. But the rewards are tremendous. I have won 90% of my live casino-play sessions. My only loss came from a mistake I made and not from a failure of the Method.

FYI: All you Craps Players out there, who are serious about wanting to beat this game CONSISTENTLY, and want to have the confidence to actually be able to bet with Larger Units, without Fear. The Holy Grail of Craps has finally arrived. It's here and boy, is it well. And now Steve is ready to share it with you; Steve's company is called Casino-Income-For-Life and I am here to proudly inform you that's exactly what this method is. I urge you to take him up on this while it's still available.

Folks, this is the Real-Deal. He also includes Live-Phone and Coaching Support, along with a Follow-Up Seminar too! Enclosed is an Overview that tells some more about it. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Good 'Ole Beau or Steve at 646-352-2375 or shoot him an e-mail at 



100% Money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

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