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Entering a new craps game  
BY:  Dice Coach

Entering a new craps game:

When you approach a new craps game, take a breath, and ask yourself two key questions:  
  • Can I make a bet right now?
  • How do I know what to bet on?
Then take a moment to consider:  
  • What is the level of energy around this game.  Hint: Taking a quick look at the player's chips in the rack might give you an idea of the history of this game.
  • Talk to your fellow players—other than the shooter—and ask if the shooters are making passes, or having short one-or-two rolls before BIG RED comes!
  • Are the PSO's (point-seven-out) out of probability?
  • Are there many repeating numbers?
All of this will give you a sense of this specific game's track and trajectory, and allows you to either play your normal game, or revert to the dark-side.

My approach to each new game is to wait several rolls, just to see what the game is producing.  If I see short rolls, with no passes, I will start with laying the point for one bet only.  If the indicators are that this is a "dark-side" game, then I will continue with that type of play.

My lay-bets are in denomination units of no less than $30.00 per lay-bet.  This allows for the correct payouts.

For example, if the point is either a 6 or 8, I will make a $120.00 lay-bet.  When the seven rolls, the payout will be $100.00, minus a vig. Of 5%, for a net payout of $95.00.  If the point is either a 5 or 9, I will then lay $150, for a payout of $100.00 minus 5% vig., again for a net payout of $95.00.  (Note:  Correct lay-bet odds for the 6 & 8 is $5 to $6—on the 5 & 9, it is $2 to $3--and on the 4 & 10, it is $1 to $2)

On the other hand, if the shooters are making passes, and repeating box numbers, I will follow the numbers being repeated by playing in the moment.

My strategy is to collect on my first hit, and full-press on my second hit of that same number.

On the inside box numbers, collect on the first hit, then full-press on the second hit of the same number.  IE:  collect—full press—collect—full press.  If you are following this strategy, you can do this as often as you like until you reach your tolerance to risk.

You will notice I said Inside Numbers, the 5—6—8—9.  With the 4 & 10 it is a little different.  What I like to do is to buy the 4 or 10 for $25.00.  When the 4 or 10 hits, I drop a dollar, and go to $50.00.  When the same number hits again, I drop two dollars, and go to $100.00.  If the numbers are running, I will keep doing this until I hit table max!  Now if the numbers I'm pressing go away, or do not repeat, I reduce my bet, and collect the profit.

Don't leave your bets up too long.  And don't be afraid to be off, or down, when Big Red shows!  Always play in the moment, and focus on the game in front of you.

Remember, there are no bad bets—just bad timing.  I know the math guys will disagree, but I recommend that you follow the energy of the game, betting the numbers that are rolling, or laying the numbers that are not rolling.

If you make three bad, or wrong, decisions, color up and leave the game.  Take a break.  Go to another table, or even to another casino.

Play smart, and be patient.  But most of all, be disciplined.

Good luck on you next casino venture.

See you in the pits,

Dice Coach—March 2024

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A gambler who doesn't have the patience to wait will have nothing to wait for. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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