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A Follow-Up on "Just implementing what you taught me!"

Dice Coach,

I have to tell you about my results at Treasure Island. This is just unbelievable. I arrived at the table with just one guy standing at stick right, I stood at stick left. My first two rolls a 7 then 11 and my point was 4. Before I rolled my point, I rolled a six seven times in a row. The stickperson said, "If you roll another six, I am closing the table down". I then hit my point. I then rolled a five, five rolls later, point. I did that until I hit every number, 4, 5, 6, 8 ,9 and 10 then I rolled out. In that time a guy walked up to the table and bet against me he lost all his money and left. In all that time no one walked up to the table and the guy at stick right, did not bet a dime, go figure!I made the dealers very happy when I put up bets for them and won.

I went to South Point and virtually repeated what I had done at Treasure Island. I was the only one at table and one guy walked up and bet, other people gathered around and just watched, but did not bet. Again, go figure! Once I finished, I took my money and left the Casino, before I left the other person at the table thanked me and tried to give me a hundred dollar chip. I asked him if he had children, he said a two year old. I said, give that to your little one. I made close to $5000 and it was just a five dollar table.

Dice Coach I owe this all to you, first by watching your videos and then your class. How will I ever be able to repay you? Thank you so very much.

Pam - November 2009

Just implementing what you taught me!

Just implementing what you taught me! Just implementing what you taught me! you so much for the class, I really enjoyed it. I am sure you may have guessed that on the ride back to the hotel, I was just overwhelmed. You have no idea how surprised I was at all the information.

Last night I walked down to the M and it was just awesome. Myself and another young man ruled the table. It seems he had been to a dice class because his form was as beautiful as his rolls.

I made the mistake of losing $200. When my turn came, I rolled like a pro. Everyone was into the game, even the dealers. I bet all the yards for the dealers and hit a six and eight back to back. I was not concerned about money, just implementing what you taught me.

I was down $200 and left the table with $457.00 on just my roll. I went to Southpoint and left there with over $900 from just my roll. I did everything you told me in our class and I had good results.

Thank you so much and please thank your wife for letting you share your skills with everyone. It takes a special person to provide such support.

P A - November 2009

A Refresher Course (Tune-UP)

I had a refresher course with a casino session 7-10-09 with Pablo (the Coach was out of town).  Within 1 minute Pablo noticed why my dice had been acting like Nascar (left turn) from SL1. Once this was established, I had practice rounds of 11, 22, and 17. He also noted a nasty tendency to double pitch the rt die and we workewd on a set to compensate.

Our casino session was good at TI, a 18- 22 # toss. We then went to Harrah''s on the Strip. This was a valuable trip as I found the stickman obnoxious.

When El Diablo finally reared, the guy (Bill) said, "that setting crap doesn,t work"! He quoted a recent Playboy article, so I knew that he was an authority.

Regardless, the day after my refresher, I left the Plaza up $1350 and had an even larger win at Monte Carlo that evening.

Thanks Pablo and Beau.

See you down the road.

John - July 2009

A Note From Our First Canadian Student

I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Beau and Pablo during my last visit in Las Vegas. I watched the video they made for the Dice Coaches anniversary and realized that I was probably one of Beau's first Canadian Students.

Since that first class (in 2002) I have always booked a Tune-Up when I come into town and
if I have picked the right day and Beau isn't booked I sometime get a chance
for a live session.

In one session I had the pleasure of shooting with Beau and Soft Touch at The Bellagio and we knocked the lights out!

On my last visit in Nov 2008 I was in luck as both Beau and Pablo were able to join me at our
favorite haunt for a couple of hours on the tables.

We started out rocky but then we got on a roll and we all made money. Beau got us a comp at the bar for a couple of drinks and we talked for a while and I was amazed (as usual ) at Beau and Pablo's positive energy and outlook on life. I wish I could have spent the whole day with them talking and shooting but I had other appointments and we parted ways.

As I look back, I am amazed at how comfortable Beau makes you feel and how he can bring out the best in your shooting.  I have been going to Las Vegas at least twice a year for a long time and I consider a Tune-Up as one of the Highlights every time.

Thanks again Beau and Pablo for your time and I hope to see you guys again in 2009.


Cronixv From Canada......

I took your two hour private course and was very skeptical

I have been playing craps for the last fifteen years. Lots of ups and downs
during that time. Ran across your site several years back, always intended on
taking a lesson and learning more about dice setting. Never pulled the trigger
until my trip this week to Las Vegas.

I took your two hour private course, was very skeptical. Went to your home, and
felt very comfortable. You and your wife were very pleasant. When I saw the
redulation size crap table in the nice atmosphere I was very relaxed. For two
hours you guided me along, and I found the course very informative, and thought
there may be something too it. While taking your course I was amazed at the
amount of eights and tens I was hitting. Thought it may just be a fluke. Never
hit those in the casinos while playing.

I went to my hotel and checked in. Relaxed for a while and went down to play a
little. Gave it a try, and to my amaze, started hitting the eights and tens.
I had rolls of eighteen and twenty before the seven.

Went down the road to another casino and it continued.

You have made me a believer.

There was never an upsell. I have the impression that you really love this game
and are trying to help other who love the game to get the advantage.

I will be taking more private lessons from you in the future, and you have made
me serious about the advantage in this game.

Anyone who is on the fence in following up with the coach, I advise you to do it
right away. All you are doing is waisting time.

See you soon Coach.

Tom F

Try your other hand ...

Wanted to share with you about a recent casino outing. Went to the casino Friday night.  I had only practiced with the toss bar for a while, so I was eager to give it a try.  I was standing to the right of the stick man having to toss to my left so it was a little awkward.  I started with the all 7 set and would establish a point.  After that I would change to the 1/3 3/1 set, then after 4 rolls I would 7 out. 

I did this about 4 times, and was about to give up when I recalled something you said in a video or read somewhere about trying to throw with the other hand.  The next time I got the dice, I set up the hard ways set, and proceeded to throw 6 7's in a row.  Then I threw an 11.  The next throw was an 8. 

I switched back to the 1/3 3/1 and proceed to roll 15 more times before hitting the 8.  It was pretty wild, considering I was throwing left handed.  From there on out I never went back to right handed throws, and it turned out to be pretty profitable.  I have also noticed that their tables don't have much cushion on them, and if the dice land square its like a pile hammer into the table, one skip to the back, and they die,,,as long as they don't land on one of the corners of the die. 

I feel like picturing the toss bar near the end of the table creates a great mental image and puts the dice right where they need to be. 

Thanks again.


"You still rolling?"

Dear Beau,

I just could'nt wait to thank you and let you know how much my game
improved after taking your lesson.As you know,I have been experimenting with
setting and throwing for about 4 years, with some success , but the lesson and
seeing everything first hand sealed the deal!

The following afternoon at the Golden Nugget I rolled for almost a half hour( longer than twenty minutes because the dealer came back from his 20 min. break and said " you still
Rolling? ",opening for $200 ,I cashed for $2675!!! Plus a player tipped me $50 for hitting
the hard six back to back and she parlayed it !Plus later in the week at freemont( where they have a roll counter ) I had rolls of 19, 24 twice and a 26 which won me a shirt, not to mention applause at the table!

I am so glad I decided to take your class, your knowledge and insight into the game are
valuable asset as well ,which you freely shared as I also benefitted from, parlaying several opening come out rolls to a 7 to 1 profit !!Info i had never thought of!All in All it was worth every penny and I feel I have gained a friend as well. I plan on taking tune up class next time.

Thanks again and " keep on rolling "

Mike aka "BONES "




100% Money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

Any win is better than any loss … any day. -Pablo-

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