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A new, secret way to beat Craps:


Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending



These dice from DiceCoach.Com are the finest dice made! They are made by the same company that makes dice for the Las Vegas casinos.  Our dice are available in either red or green.  Each stick has a unique number on the six side and DICECOACH.COM on the one side.

The dice are regulation size 3/4 inch, razor edge polished dice in sticks of 6, not the usual stick of 5.  We've seen  individual pairs of dice as high as $8.95! 

These dice are available ONLY from DiceCoach.Com and are sure to become a collector's item.

Order a green stick for only $20.95 including S & H


To order, please call: 702-610-5617

Order a red stick for o
nly $20.95 including S & H

To order, please call: 702-610-5617


Is there some reason why you work 40 hard hours to earn $500, then spend four hard hours giving it away to your favorite casino? Has anyone, at any casino, ever thanked you?

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