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A new, secret way to beat Craps:


Steve's Bottom Line
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Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending

    RECENT TESTIMONIAL                         



"...Went from table to table shooting from the end,
last table shot for 1 hr. 5 minutes! Hit the A T S 1.5 times..."


Hey Beau, Gina and I just finished up at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi.  Went from table to table
shooting from the end, last table shot for 1 hr. 5 minutes!  Hit the A T S 1.5 times using the 3-5-5-3 set
aces kissing!  Pounding inside numbers, also got tipped $250.00 from other players.  I felt like I was doing a tune up class at your dice pit in Las Vegas.  You are the greatest coach, thanks for everything!

Stacy n’ Gina C. TN. 2019

"Last week I had a great roll (90-minutes according to the dealer)... I hit the 6-point Fire Bet...a win of 5K for me, and 5K for the dealers!... Bottom line, I colored up for $11,534.00"

A 90-Minute Roll in Atlantic City!

Last week I had a great roll (90-minutes according to the dealer) at Harrah’s Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. 

My buy-in was $700.00, and I was just trying to get back the $300.00 I had lost earlier.   

I placed $5.00 on the Fire Bet and another $5.00 for the dealers. 

Then, using a collect and press method on the box numbers, I managed to hit the numbers for the wins as follows:

4 & 10--up to $1000 each

5--pressed up to $1500.

9--pressed up to $1000.

6--pressed up to $450. 

8--pressed up to $900. 

I hit the 6-point Fire Bet, which paid $1000 to 1, a win of 5K for me, and 5K for the dealers! 

Bottom line, I colored up for $11,534.00. 

Barry W.  N. J.

Congratulations Barry! 

The picture of your chips says it all.

Great job, keep up the good work.

Beau-The Dicecoach 10.26.19

As a side note they upgraded us to the Penthouse suite!

Barry W.  N. J. 2019

"...I am very new at playing craps. Only six months mow...
Bought in for $200.00...Betting conservative I colored up at $1,600.00..."



I took your 2 hour one on one class.  Had a great time learned a lot, I am very new at playing craps.  Only six months mow, you told me to play at Park MGN similar table to the Dice Coach’s table.  Bought in for $200.00 SR1 using the hard way set.  First roll for over one hour!  Minimum bets started at $10.00 then went to $15.00 finally ended up at $25.00 all on my roll.  I hit the tall missed the small and all, only needed aces!  Another player who bought in for $300.00 put me up on all of the hard numbers $25.00 each.   As you know in class I hit lots of Hard 8’s. Using the hard way set exclusively, hitting lots of primary numbers. When I started only two of us at the table at the end of my roll the table was full, everyone making lots of $$$$$$$$$$.

Betting conservative I colored up at $1,600.00 the player who put up the hard way bets for me colored up for $6,000.00!

Thank you so much that was the best!

EB Chicago 2019

"...I held the dice for 45 minutes and ... pulled down 850 dollars from my bets.
I had my 9 pressed from 10 dollar table min up to 300!!!!..."


Hey Beau,

Just wanted thank you again for the class.
We did an 8 hour one-on-one session
Six hours in the pit Two hours at the tables.

After the class I went to Bally’s and Cromwell and didn’t have much success got a few small runs going but thanks to your betting strategies I walked out only down 100 dollars.
Then that night I went to Bellagio and that’s where the fun really started two people rolled before me and seven’d out quickly then I got the dice.
I held the dice for 45 minutes and thanks to the betting strategies again when I seven’d out I had all my bets turned off and pulled down 850 dollars from my bets. I had my 9 pressed from 10 dollar table min up to 300!!!! Never in my life have I had that much money on the table.
After my roll no one else rolled everyone left the table and not a single person had less than a 500 dollar chip in hand when they did.
The guys at the table kept calling me a legend and saying how epic my roll was and let me tell you that’s the best feeling ever.
For anyone reading this and considering taking dice control lessons Beau is your guy this is the real deal and you will turn your whole game around.
Thanks again can’t wait to get back to Vegas and take some more classes.

RH Toronto 2019

"...With your guidance and teaching I think I ended up with a 45 toss throw....
Absolutely the best investment I ever made in Vegas..."


Hello Beau, great seeing you and Beth as usual.  Lots of fun meeting you over at Caesars to throw for a little bit. With your guidance and teaching I think I ended up with a 45 toss throw. Pretty much paid for the trip. Hit the 2 through 6 and the 8 through 12. So won all three of the big bets during that same role and I think I hit the five 9 times. If people don't think this works they're out of their mind!

We will call you next time when we make it out again.  Great seeing you. Pretty sure we'll be coming out over the summer. I was trying to figure out I think it's been about 20 years since I met you the first time.

Absolutely the best investment I ever made in Vegas. We have WON at least 80% of the time we've come and really met some great people in you and Beth

Ken and Pretty Pretty Krissi 2019

"I hit the 6 several times during my 33-number roll...
Everyone made $$$$"


I played at the Rio Hotel and Casino with a group of students during my last session of 2018. Shooting from the end, I used the Aces-Kissing set, 6-1-1-6 on axis with inside numbers all around. On bouncy tables I find this set is more forgiving, and it held up this session. I hit the 6 several times during my 33-number roll, and just missed hitting the ATS (All-Tall-Small). Everyone made $$$$. It was a great way to end a very profitable year. Have a great 2019 and I will see you in the Pits.

Dice Coach 2018

"Held the dice for 40 minutes at MGM using v3. 9 passes. Lots of fives and 6/8. Paid for my whole trip"

Great shooting at MGM, mirage and TI. Not so good at Cromwell and planet Hollywood. Held the dice for 40 minutes at MGM using v3. Nine passes. Lots of five and 6/8. Paid for my whole trip. Thank you.
Thanks for your coaching.
Cromwell yesterday. Table really cold. I was the only one that threw more than six rolls and did not make the point. I did the Lay the point as you advised and won the next three seven outs.
Harrah I threw around 16 rolls using v3. Must had six 8's. Won back the $100 I lost five years ago with that monstrous hand.
Venetian table too bouncy but two novice ladies did a carpet roll and had around 20 hands.
I am up slightly now. Happy.
Beau after our class went downtown to Fremont hotel/casino 20 roll hand making 5 passes. Making $225.00 Fremont has the roll counter middle of the craps table. Thanks for the class
DM. CA. 2018

"...I had the biggest roll of my lifetime by sticking to the principles learned with the Dice Coach, and left Vegas in the black for the first time ever. I can’t wait to go again!"

The first time visiting the Dice Coach, I learned plenty; how to better grip the dice, what sets work better, and more importantly, how to bet the right way: I used to be one of the people who would place money and odds on the come bets, until Dice Coach examined the math, and I saw that in fact it was a lousy bet! Along with some of the other interesting tendencies that craps tables possess, I left with a massive amount of new information when I reached the tables.

But I forgot so much of it that I felt like a second trip was warranted, and so I returned for a follow-up sessions, and after that one, much more sank in. After the second session, things became instinctive; I spent less time thinking about what I would do next, and instead did them in time to catch the right tendencies when they happened. I had the biggest roll of my life time by sticking to the principles learned with the Dice Coach, and left Vegas in the black for the first time ever. I can't wait to go again!

RD NY 2018

" 20 minutes and after putting only $100 on the table, I took $660 in chips to the cashier"

Blackjack and some bad luck at the craps tables, but on my way to the airport I made one last stop at a table, finding it occupied by three people who were obsessed with playing field bets only. When the shooter hit 5-8-6, I placed a lay bet on the point and on the very next roll, out came the 7. I then took the dice to an empty table and rolled for 20 minutes in two separate sessions, but both times when I 7'd out, my money was Off - I had just rolled a new point and was trying to avoid a PSO, which I did. As a result, in 20 minutes and after putting only $100 on the table, I took $660 in chips to the cashier. And then went to the airport.

RD NY 2018

"Had a couple long rolls of at least 40 minutes and walked away with over $1K more than once"

Hey Beau, tysm for the class it worked really well on the tables!! Had a couple long rolls of at least 40 minutes and walked away with over $1K more than once, which is way better than I normally do. Both Nelson and I send much mahalo to you.

Tasha C. Hawaii 2018

"Had a 39 roll hand, 14 hard ways"
March 2016

Thanks for the refresher. Had a 39 roll hand, 14 hard ways, at Golden Nugget. Used the opposite corner toss from SL1. In the middle of the roll, box man told me I could not toss in the corner. Started tossing down the pass line and continued the hand. Forgot to bet the small, tall, and all, but I hit it for a couple of people.

I., Hawaii

"I held the dice for 30 minutes and cashed out for $22K"
March 2016

Beau, a quick report on my trip to the Palazzo.

The first morning, I lost $500 playing craps and blackjack at the Palazzo. Not exactly a great start. Then I walked over to the Venetian, bought in for $500 at a $15 craps table. I played at stick left and used a set with the 6 and 2 facing and the 2 and 6 on top. I held the dice for thirty minutes and cashed out for $22K (profit of $21.5K).

I had the 4 starting out at $15, moved to $25, $50, $100, $200, $400, $800, $1,600, $2,500, $5,000 and hit it the 4 again for a $10K payout. The point was a 5 and I hit that. The next point was a 4 and I took down the $5K and hit 3 or 4 more 4s.

Lessons: It is better to be on vacation than working. It is better to be in Las Vegas than not in Las Vegas. I think that dice control works. Thanks for everything.

Rob NY

"Had the best rolls I've ever had"
March 2016

Hey Beau, WM from Atlanta Georgia back in Las Vegas once again.

Remember I am a $400.00 buy in player. First session up +$900.00.

Just wanted to let you know I went to Luxor tonight and bought in for$400.00.After a couple of rounds around the table and losing money on all the other players, I got the dice and had the best rolls I've ever had. I only hit the All Small ($5.00) the rest were all place bet and point pass line wins left the table $5,188.00!! I spoke with WM later on in his trip his big play was on the place bet number 6 he started with a $12.00 place bet, after hitting the 6 collecting on the first hit, full press on every other hit. His 6 was parlayed up to $1,800.00! A couple of days later at MGM Grand after breakfast bought in for $400.00 hit the all tall ($5.00) colored up with $1,335.00! For those of you who don't know what the all tall - Small - All prop bet.

Small numbers hit one time each 2-3-4-5-6 pays 35/1.
Tall numbers: hit one time each 8-9-10-11-12 pays 35/1
Now if you hit all of the numbers from 2 - 12 one time each pay 176/1
All of the MGM Grand Properties have this bet. Some of the Caesar's properties are removing the Fire Bet and replacing with the Feature Bet sometimes called the Bonus Bet. Way to go WM!!


"There aren't enough words to express my gratitude"
March 2016

This is Joe McLaughlin.
My wife, Erin, and I visited you for a Dice setting class on 3/7/2016., I want to thank you for fixing some issues I have been experiencing in my throw. I had been experiencing some serious trouble with my controlled toss that I just couldn't correct on my own. Seriously, I was about to give it up and never pick up the dice again. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for giving me back the game that I have come to love.
Aside from that, the customized betting strategy you gave me seems to be paying off.
In two 1 hour sessions I have almost paid for the class, if I wasn't so conservative I would have cut a hefty profit on the first session. Further, the dice setting approach you laid out for me has made me a hero at the table. Now when I approach the table, other regulars at my home town casino start to bet heavy in anticipation of my rolls. Playing on your beautiful casino grade table at your "facility" was an experience that I will cherish for years to come. I will return on my next trip to Las Vegas and try a casino session with you. I hope to learn as much from you on our next trip as I did this trip.

Again, thank you, for allowing my wife and I to learn from the best!

Joe M. PA

"Received this jacket...for rolling a record 76 Rolls...!"
March 2016

I received this jacket from Sam Boyd's Fremont Casino Downtown for rolling a record 76 Rolls with all the Hawaiians!! :) They took my picture and said it will be in a Pacific Magazine on Gambling :) Don't know how long I rolled! Only won about $1000 since It was hard to concentrate on throwing than pressing my bets :)

Tony D. KC

"Cashed out $1,500 in less than an hour"
March 2015

Hey Dice Coach,

Just finished my first session at Aria. I opened the table. Bought in with $500 Stick Left 1 using 2V set and 6-5/5/6 on come out. Hit All Tall on first roll after 8 rolls, then 7-out. Rolled about 8-10 rolls twice before 7-out. I was qualifying myself so I wasn't losing much but Pass-line and $15 on Bonus. Next roll goes for 48 rolls. Hit All Tall Twice, needing the 2 twice. Hit my point 4 times. A couple of times it was on the first roll after the point so I had no odds. Rolled a lot of 3's. I was also calling off Place Bets on ANY craps number for 1 roll. Never crapped out on the next roll though so could have made more money. Cashed out $1,500 in less than an hour.

I've followed your strategies on Cash Management and even though I could have won more money I'm pleased because I played with disciplined stayed patient, and won money.

James W. Tampa, FL

"I bought in for $200 and cashed out $5200. I can't believe it!!!!!"
March 2015

Hey Beau,

I just wanted to let you know that I successfully followed my outing at Mainstreet session with a very successful roll at South Point. I bought in for $200 and cashed out $5200. I can't believe it!!!!!

I was able to successfully use the 4 and 10 betting progression again. But instead of building up the 4 and 10, I was really successful with building up only the 10. I 7 out with the table limit $2000 sitting on the 10. In addition, I hit the inside #s between 5 and 8 times each. Again, I started off with a minimum pass line bet and $16 inside. I believe the length of time for the roll was about a 1 hour.

I did get casino heat about hitting the back wall, which I hit most of the time. Also, they told me I couldn't cross into the prop box (I was on SL1) when rolling. This kind of threw me off (never heard that one). I felt self conscious and was thinking of getting out, but I'm glad I didn’t.

Again, thanks for your help.

Ivan Hawaii

"Thanks again for squeezing me in... It paid dividends"
February 2015

Hey Beau, Thanks again for squeezing me in for the refresher class. It paid dividends.

At Mainstreet, on early Sunday morning, I had a great roll. I rolled for 55 minutes. I was able to turn $140 into $2250. In addition I got another $500 in tips. Total was $2700+.

When I 7-out, I had $800 each on the 4 and 10. I used the betting progression you thought me for those #s. I believe that is hitting each # 5 times. I'm not sure if I hit those #s more because I was slow to recognize the dominant #. I was mainly focusing on the inside #s (either 16 or 17 inside). I also hit my point # around 8 or 9 times. I'm not sure because things were crazy. I also hit a bunch of hard ways which I didn't bet. I wish I did, but again things were crazy. In fact another player bet a hard eight for $10 for me which I hit. I counted that as tip. One player cashed in just short of $7000. He gave a nice tip too.

A question I have is coming up with a suitable pass line betting progression when this happens. Do you have suggestions? I abandoned trying to go for the sevens on the come out roll. Due to 20 times odds, I made min pass line bet and tried to build the odds up as the roll continued.

Again, thanks for your help. I look forward to meeting up with you again.

Ivan Hawaii

"I cashed out $3100!!!"
February 2015

Hey Dice Coach!

Had an awesome 50-minute roll today. Started at my normal SR1 position and tossing left-handed using the 2V & 3V sets and couldn't seem to get into a rhythm after 8 starts with the dice. I was playing by myself early morning at Mandalay bay and prefer playing with less folks when I'm starting out. After 30 minutes I decided to switch sides and go to SL1 and used the same sets. I immediately felt more comfortable and noticed that I was hitting my spot just past the Pass Line and hitting the back wall on one bounce and dice settling basically in the same line as the toss. I made 7 points during this run. I also hit the Feature bet once and missed on 2 other occasions, only needing the 2 & 12. I cashed out $3100!!!

James W. Tampa

"..Feeling much more confident with my game thanks to you..."
January 2015

Just a little update from my weekend in Las Vegas. I played in a craps
tournament at the Orleans on Saturday and finished 11th out of 101. Missed finishing in the money by $17. If either I had not made a $500 field bet on the final bet of the first round or had won that same bet would have finished either 4th or 7th. Oh well.

I then played Sunday at you favorite, Suncoast, and
shot very well for the first time outside of your home. Held the dice for 26 rolls the first time and 35 rolls the second. Hit back to back to back come out winners twice. Can't tell you why but I had my best success setting 1-3 with 2v facing me. Hit about 8-10 fours and more 6/8 than I can remember. During the second roll I hit the all, tall, small. Just not an option at the Suncoast.

Thanks for all your help, feeling much more confident with
my game thanks to you.

All the best,
Evan O' Calif.

"This was my best trip to Vegas ever..."
December 2014

Hey Beau,

Thanks for the class. This was my best trip to Vegas ever. Your class was over the top. I stuck with the modified V2 (3-1) set and it working well. I am still reading the class material.

I tried the (Lay bet strategy on the number) with random rollers, It worked well. I am already trying to get back to Vegas.

Thanks Again,

"...I took your course and had a successful trip...."
December 2014

Just wanted to give you an update in March my wife and I took your course and had a successful trip in 5 weeks we made 1800$ not a lot but a win. All of our food and rooms were free. We are back and we are splitting our time between Vegas and Phoenix so far we are up with a modest win rate but improving (I have a small bank roll). What I found that was the most interesting is while I was at Red Rocks a couple weeks ago I had to laugh. One dealer was saying have you seen that guy in the advertisements that claims he can teach you to win at craps. Who would be stupid enough to listen to him? All the dealers laughed. I took $480 from them in a couple rolls. Another guy at the end of the table made about 9K. I had a good laugh.


"...I went home with the biggest win of my life...."
October 2014

Dear Beau,

I thought you might enjoy hearing what happened to me after attending your class this past Friday (October 24th) at 1pm. Since you probably didn't remember all 9 guys names - I was the one to your right wearing the Red Sox shirt.

I hadn't filled out your pre class worksheet, but here is a quick idea of how I play and my results prior to your class. Generally a pass line and two additional point come player. I have been coming to Las Vegas now for 15 years straight usually once a year but sometimes twice. I don't think I have ever won more than 400-500 for a trip, and usually get discouraged after losing 300-500. I would guess I have gone home a loser approximately 80% of the time if not more.

Lastly I'm not a big believer you can actually set the dice - even though in theory it makes sense, that back wall seems to make it an impossibility. So I came to your class because I thought it would be fun with all the guys - and thought of the fee as the cost of a show.

Late Saturday at the Paris night my friends Dad gets on a heater. I was reading your manual on the way home from class and saw the "Heavy's - $18.00 6 & 8 Progression". Well I couldn't remember exactly how you said to play it, but started with $18 on the 6 & 8. The shooter threw and threw with no seven's. In fact he only hit one point, and then established the 10 point which he never made. But he threw for a long time. And now after your class and becoming a place bettor I was collecting like crazy as I also built up my 5 & 9. At one point I had over $100 each on the 6 & 8 which I had never ever done before. Here is the best part. Like 30-40 minutes into this roll he threw 2 Junkers in a row (like 2-1 and then Yo or something like that). Remembering what you taught us I told the dealer - I'm off for one roll. He 7'd out on the next roll. I looked like a genius. And get this. The bets they took down for me were over $400. Ultimately I turned $36 into $1,025. And that didn't count the several dollars I had tipped the dealers throughout the roll. All based on your instruction. If I was betting my old way I would have made probably a couple hundred dollars at most.

Believe it or not the same thing on a smaller scale happened Sunday morning. On the same shooter at Green Valley I turned $36 into $625.

If anyone asks - your class is well worth it. We had a great time, your wife and home were lovely, and because of it my entire trip was free and I went home with the biggest win of my life.

Thanks and good luck with everything,

Joel W

"...Could not have done this without your coaching!!!..."
July 2014


I just got back from a short trip to Las Vegas 6/28-6/30. Sunday met up with a friend that I have played with at the Mirage in the past 2 to 4 times we always have a good session, it seems like we only get one session each time we meet due to our schedules. After 2 or 3 times with the dice I started to get a feel for the table bounce (I only play on the one you suggested) I was standing SL1, I threw an 11 on the first toss followed by 8 -7's before setting a point! I can't even remember if I made my point!

Just wanted to pass this on to you as a big thank you could not have done this without your coaching!!!

Michael B

"...Do I believe in dice control? YOU BET!!..."
July 2014

Just a novice dice player that was tired of constantly losing money to the casinos. A friend of mine referred me to Beau Parker the "Dice Coach" and I purchased a practice rig from him. Having conversation with him he recommended I take his class first to learn the mechanics of dice control and then start practicing (makes sense).

 I then booked my trip to Vegas and lessons with Beau

 Believe me when I say I was a pretty pathetic shooter (ask Beau) when we started the session scattering dice all over the table but greatly improved my delivery and understanding of the game within a few hours. I was also taught superb betting strategies that totally changed my concept of the game and my income.

I applied my new found skills and knowledge the following day for a superb hand and a $800 win at the Excalibur. First time I ever had another player tip me $25 and clapping from the other    players.

Back to Beau a few days later for a "tune up" and the following night I had a "33" roll at the Rio with 6 to the fire!!

 Do I believe in dice control? YOU BET!!

 I could never have accomplished this without this great instructor.


William P. Ohio

"Just wanted to say thank you for the class..."
June 2014

Hi Beau,

Just wanted to say thank you for the class last week and let you know how things turned out during the rest of my trip.

First of all, I didnt realize when i got to the class, how nervous i would be, kinda caught me off gaurd!!
Then you seemed to be throwing so much info at me that by the time i left, i was a little overwelmed. Didnt suprise me one bit that when i got to the tables later in the day, that I was totally unsure of my abilities and was not very successful.
The good news was that i understood all of that going in, and was very cautious with my betting. At that point i decided that it might not be a good idea to practice the things that i was shown on a live table and decided to just take it easy and practice when i got home. That being said, i was walking through i think it was the linq on Fri. nite and there was a woman all alone at a $5 table and she was setting. I watched for a few mins. and she seemed to be rolling fairly well but just as important to me, she was being encouraged by the dealers even though she was taking a lot of time setting. I bought in and made a few dollars on her roll, and then i took the dice. Had a pretty slow beginning, made a few points, but by the time i got the dice my third time, i was very comfortable. Went on to roll 6 or 7 points not sure, 4 for the fire, recovered all my losses for the trip and went home the next day with a little more confidence, and enthusiastic about following up with some serious practice sessions. Heading to AC next week. I will see what happens????

Thanks again

Ed W

"Better get that nine..."
June 2014

Hello Beau:
I just wanted to give you an update. I have been practicing the technique you taught me at my recent class. I put this technique to use today. I was a little choppy at first only hit two to three points. On my last roll of the day, I was so confident I threw the boxman a $10 sharpshooter bet.
I announced to the table. "Better get that nine." The guy next to me looked at me in disbelief. I had the dice for 35 minutes five points plenty of numbers oh by the way, I rolled the nine ten times. When my roll was over I made five points and won $1000 the sharpshooter paid 20 to 1. I will see you on my next Vegas trip.

Thanks again Beau

Richard Denver CO

"Some awesome sessions our team had this weekend after your class..."
May 2014

Dice Coach!!

Wanted to provide you and update of some awesome sessions our team had this weekend after your class.

To start, Nicole W, my wife, set the bar really high for the group at Aria. Shooting from SL2 position and strictly using the Hard way Set had a 1 hour and 10 minute, 62 roll session!!! She hit the All or Nothing Bonus Once and only needed 2 & 12 on the second run through. Also made her point 5 times. We bought in at $500 and cashed out $4,400.

Saturday night at Mandalay Bay, from SR1, rolling with my left hand after having the 37 roll at your class the previous day, I rolled for 40 minutes, hit 3 points with 39 rolls!! Made the All Tall bonus and only needed Aces to win the All or Nothing. Used the Hard way Set with Flowers Up. $500 Buy-In and cashed out $1,700.

Just before this roll, Sandra, Alex's wife hit the All-Small from SR3 rolling with her left hand for the first time. She only needed 10 & 12 to complete the All or Nothing.

Sunday morning at Mandalay Bay, I had a 30 minute, 32 roll session. Made 4 Points, hit the All or Nothing Bonus. Used the 6-T/Cross Sixes set from SR1 rolling left handed. $500 Buy-In and cashed out $1,800.

The extra practice and analysis of our throws helped out tremendously. Knowing that we're tossing from our best table positions has allowed us to gain the confidence needed to increase our winning sessions.

Thanks and see ya in a couple of months.
James W. Florida

"Thank you so much for the tips you gave us when we were there in Vegas..."
March 2014

When I told you about the session I just finished, -up 60%, with a PSO, your response in one line was "We will discuss how to handle that".

Honestly, I thought that was just a sales talk.
I need to apologize for that thinking.

After our training session, I played craps at Rio on 03/16 and 03/17.
I played in AC for two sessions on 03/22 and 03/30.
In all these 4 days collectively I would have saved on PSOs and craps numbers (put together) AT LEAST 50 times.
This is no exaggeration. As I play 160 across, this is a saving of at least $8,000 you have helped me made.

It would only be highly impolite of me if I do not send you a thank you note for this.

I shall make it a point to drop by for a tune-up every time I come to Vegas. Even if don't hone my shooting skills, I would do this at least to have a glimpse of Beth's hospitality/smile. Please say my Hi to the Lady. You are a great couple.

Thanks again,
Siva NJ

"Thanks for the great tune-up - the best money I ever spent!"
April 2014

You noticed that I was keeping my pointer and pinkie fingers pointed up in the air when shooting and you told me to let them hang naturally and just drag them across the table as I throw.

This helped me throw better from any spot on the table. I had two days left in Vegas after the tune-up and I shot the lights out!...two throws in the 30's and some in the teens and 20's and I hit repeating numbers like crazy.

After I got home I went to the Indian casino and the results were the same and even had a 64 monster roll!

Thanks again,
Roger V. MN

"Thank you so much for the tips you gave us when we were there in Vegas..."
March 2014

When I told you about the session I just finished, -up 60%, with a PSO, your response in one line was "We will discuss how to handle that".

Honestly, I thought that was just a sales talk.
I need to apologize for that thinking.

After our training session, I played craps at Rio on 03/16 and 03/17.
I played in AC for two sessions on 03/22 and 03/30.
In all these 4 days collectively I would have saved on PSOs and craps numbers (put together) AT LEAST 50 times.
This is no exaggeration. As I play 160 across, this is a saving of at least $8,000 you have helped me made.

It would only be highly impolite of me if I do not send you a thank you note for this.

I shall make it a point to drop by for a tune-up every time I come to Vegas. Even if don't hone my shooting skills, I would do this at least to have a glimpse of Beth's hospitality/smile. Please say my Hi to the Lady. You are a great couple.

Thanks again,
Siva NJ

"Thanks very much for the class yesterday..."
Feb. 2014

We all learned so much during our time with you and we put the skills learned to good use last night and this morning.

I had a 2-hour session last night after the fight at Mandalay. I rolled the dice twice on a packed table.

1st Roll - I had 22 roles and hit 5 points (5 twice, 4, 8, 9). Missed the bonus. Needed a 2 or 12. Only 1 seven, which was the last roll. Made $420 2nd Roll - I had 9 rolls and didn't hit my point of 10.
I used the 3/1 - 2/4 set from stick left.

This morning, bought in on a $15 table with $500 and cashed out $965. There was a guy charting and said he was a dice book author. After I rolled I asked him how many rolls I had. I had 32 rolls!!! I hit 4 points. Tough thing was that I had 7 come out 7's which kept wiping out my bonuses. I used the same 3/1-2/4 set from the end.

The confidence is high right now and can't wait to come back in a few weeks and coming back to the "Dice Coach!"

Thanks again and see ya soon!
James W FL.

"Happy New Year. From Cripple Creek"
Jan 2014

I just wanted to pass along to you how our last trip up to Cripple Creek went. After starting off slow (as Always) the wife got the dice. The short story is she rolled a (76) but only got four numbers on the fire bet. The dice went around the table twice. The wife got them again and she rolled a (73). She put me too shame as my best roll was a (33). As always Take Care and Best Rolling.


"Made $5,900.00 Cashed in after the craps and walked..."
Jan 2014

I went to the Golden Nugget around 1:10 pm on 12/5/13. Table had about 8 players and I let 78 rolls go by till I decided to roll. I was two spots to the right of the stickman. I took the dice and set them with the to sixes on top and two fives facing me. I threw a slow lob for one hour and ten minutes with 65 rolls without a craps. The table was quiet and everyone was patient with me on all my throws. I never change the setting of the dice for all 65 rolls. I Had a lot of field numbers. Was in the field with $100 and two double sixes. I must say that this was the longest throw in my life. I must thank you for the short dice setting class at your house. I always set dice and then cupped them to relax and let go of them very softly. As you know I had nothing to drink. I will be back to the Golden Nugget and see if this same table will be kind to me. Once in a lifetime but what a rush! Made $5,900.00 Cashed in after the craps and walked. Did not play again. Left the next morning.

Happy New Year!

I played at Monte Carlo last night and had the best couple of rolls of my life!
Nov. 2013

I played at Monte Carlo last night and had the best couple of rolls of my lifeI won back the money I lost earlier plus $675.00.  You would have been proud of me.  I was concentrating and applying what you taught me and it showed big time.  I made my point five times. I couldn't believe it myself.  One guy even tosses me a $25 chip when the seven showed. 

I can't thank you enough for your guidance yesterday. 

Linda H DC

 "... I then changed tables and proceeded to toss all six numbers to the Fire Bet, again I had another $10. Paying me a whopping $10,000 "!
Oct. 2013

Coach ,

when I signed up for your class I told some of my friends and they said you are wasting your money taking a class which teaches you how to throw the dice. Just pick-em up and toss the dice.
Coach you will not believe it, I won most of my sessions and the icing on the cake was at the Quad on the strip. I hit 4 numbers to the fire bet, I did what you told me, I me $10. On the Fire Bet winning $250.

I then changed tables and proceeded to toss all six numbers to the Fire Bet, again I had another $10. Paying me a whopping $10,000.

Thank you so much, I will be taking more classes from you.

Aloha Derek H. Hawaii

I find that as long as I follow the disciplined betting and have patience with my sets, I am having success.


HeHey there, I wanted to provide you with an update. I have had a few sessions over the past few months.

The last two times I was in Vegas, I had a slight down trip the first time. My wife and I were there with some friends and I wasn't as disciplined as I needed to be. The second time, I was at Bill's and hit them for $1,000. I had a 4 point fire bet hit there.

A few weeks later, I hit a 5 point fire bet in Hammond, Ind. and walked away with $1,400. My last trip was to the Rivers Casino in Chicago. I hit a 4 point fire bet and walked away with another $1,400 gain.

I find that as long as I follow the disciplined betting and have patience with my sets, I am having success. I head to Colorado in 20 days for another fire bet trip with my dad. He has been having some success as well lately, but I don't know ALL the details.


The little comments that you and Pablo make are money savers and makers!
July 2013


Just randomly viewed a few videos this morning. They are very enlightening. Some of the comments that you have mentioned casually would have saved me more than I paid for the 8hrs of viewing time each and every time that I have stepped foot inside a casino. I had only intended to view certain videos since I have bought and read many many books and videos, but now I intend to watch and take notes on each and every one of them. The little comments that you and Pablo make are money savers and makers.

Thanks for your help,


We Took Down About $30,000 Off The Table!
March 2013

Hi Coach,

I took your class last year. Since then, I've been building my bankroll quite nicely. I'm sending a married couple your way that I've recently met and played with at the Fiesta and Sam's Town.

Speaking of the Fiesta, I had a 45 minute roll there last week. I believe we took down about $30,000 off the table. $11,000 of that was mine. The couple I met there was so impressed, they met up with me at Sam's Town this week.

I had two twenty minute rolls and a couple ten minute rolls. I only lost on one roll out of about 7. I had been up about 3K, but gave some back due to betting on bad shooters.....I know, not smart.

Anyway, I left with about 1.4k in my pocket which I consider good for 6 hours of play. Feel free to use any of my comments on your testimonials page. I'm thinking of signing up for a refresher in May.

Take care,

Your Class Was Invaluable!
March 2013


Thanks for all the tips, your class was invaluable in helping me find the right sets for me, and how to keep my winnings from evaporating.

I made about $1000 at the Monte Carlo over three mornings and had a great time! I used the 6 buck high horn "Yo" ace deuce successfully to the point that the pit boss asked who taught me that...said "somebody's been coached." I told him I picked it up from a friend. I toked the dealers well, playing hard ways for them.

Great trip looking forward to going back in July and will definitely continue the education!

PS....Noe, stayed away from the tables...but made out like a bandit on the slots.  He made 3k off the same two machines at the Aria. Thanks again

Richard G, Texas

I hit a 6 point fire bet!
June 2012


On Saturday, June 16th, at Caesar's Palace I hit a 6 point fire bet for 10,000 (7,500) after taxes!

I made 9 passes in a row and colored out over 12,000! When I finally seven-ed out I got a huge round of applause and a bunch of high fives. It was surreal!

I want to personally thank you for showing me the straight out toss and working on my press and take betting strategy. I primarily shoot from straight out and have had great success with it!

I highly recommend your students take the straight out class because you do an excellent job teaching it. I know I will be seeing you soon for tune-ups and to catch up. Thanks Beau!

Jamie V

It Could Happen To You
March 2012

Well, as you heard I had a rather eventful day. When I got back to Caesars I decided to drop $100 on a table just to practice.

I didn't feel so good about that table and lost about $20 so I went over to another table. There I hit two points and rolled about 10-15 times before I PSO. I cashed in my $136 and left happy that I was up $36.

After the conference I was about to leave Caesars and realized I had $20 of chips in my pocket and figured why not just try to shoot and see where it gets me. I watched the table for a while, saw three players PSO.

Then it was my turn to shoot. Long story short I ended up rolling 61 times before I PSO. I hit 4,5,6,8,9,10 as the only points never repeating any of those. After I hit the fire bet I rolled a 3, 8, and 7 in that order. It was truly amazing and I credit our class to my success 100%. I walked away with $5135.

Here is the most interesting part, I was shooting from stick left 1. The rest of the night I put a little money here and there to shoot and see how I would do, I didn't get up again at all. I hit a few points and had longer rolls than most, but I also wasn't willing to put much money out since I would like to go home with it. I shot stick left and right 1 and it had similar effects.
Tomorrow I plan on bringing my $500 Bellagio chip to the cashier and then heading to Caesars.

Do you have any tips for betting strategy. I like what we talked about but I'm a little nervous to fully implement it. I think I will track the table and right down all of the numbers tomorrow as well.

Thanks again for a great and extremely profitable class.

Shooting From The End
May 2011

My wife and I were in Las Vegas last week on business so we weren't able to get to the tables as much as we like, but we did manage to squeeze in a few sessions.

We first played at Ballys, but didn't really get the dice to cooperate. I normally throw from stick left and my wife throws from stick right or from the end. On our last night in Vegas we decided to play at Rio.

We started playing at one table and managed to win a little, but nothing great. My wife suggested switching tables. The table had more people at it so we were not able to get in our positions. We managed to get at one end.

My wife and I always place $10 dollars each on the fire bet when we are throwing. Well, the dice finally made their way to me so I set the dice with the 2 & 1 on the inside. DiceCoach shows this combination on one of his videos. We have practiced this technique at home.

Well, I starting lighting up the table. I was hitting my numbers and making money for myself and everyone else at the table. They even brought in 2 chip refills to try to throw me off my game. It didn't work!

I managed to hit five numbers on the fire bet before I sevened out. I don't know how many times I rolled but I was really getting tired. We have taken private lessons from Dicecoach over the years and it has paid off. I have learned from the Dicecoach to practice, practice, practice and to learn to throw from different positions on the table. Thanks again "Teacher" for all your help and knowledge.

Ray from Illinois

I kept the dice for 1-hour!

Hey Dice Coach!

Playing craps at Foxwood's Casino last night (early morning) and I kept the dice for 1-hour! My buddy and I walked out with $1,400 and $1,500, respectively! I was at stick-side left one. I made the guy next to me (stick-side right one) over $8,000!! Needless to say he gave me some generous tip money.

Just wanted to share that story with you and say thank you for your videos and advice from them along the way. I've been practicing and it surely paid off in a big way. Such and exciting atmosphere! The crowd grew substantially while I was the shooter from 2am to 3am!!

Best wishes,


What a great class you put on for us!

We had 15 wins out of 16 casinos in Las Vegas. Cobe had a monster roll of 82 along with many other great rolls. Kathy was very good with the come out 7's 4,5,6 in a row and betting
the 7's hopping!

Back home now we're going to the river boats every weekend, having the same good shooting skill here. It is harder to get into a game because of limited space but it works good. We still toss the dice every nite (practice) for 2 hours or so. We hope to get back out to take some follow up classes soon.

Thanks again for your help. This was a great deal for us and we recovered our investment at the very first table we played.

Thanks a lot,
Cobe & Kathy.

The Final Fling! October 15-17,2010

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