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   Great American Crapshoot 2015 


The Great American Crapshoot 2015

Every year Dice Coach, Irishsetter, Maddog and I like to set a little time aside to stand up and salute our fellow craps players with an event we call the Great American Crapshoot.  This year's GAC event will take place in fabulous Las Vegas the weekend of July 24th – 26th.   Vegas in July – what's not to like?  It's always 72 degrees in the casino.  Here's what the coaches have in store for you: 

Friday night is our GAC Meet and Greet Night!  We'll crank up things at a location to be announced at 6PM.  Join us to put faces with names, renew old acquaintances, and plan weekend hook-up play.  Hoist a cold one (or two) and enjoy some of Vegas' better bar fare.  We'll arrange for the venue, but you'll be on your own for food and beverage as this is a "Dutch" treat affair.  Will there be live sessions played after the meet and greet?  You can almost bet on it. 

On Saturday we'll have two – four hour Advantage Play Craps Classes.  The first will run from 8:30 – 12:30 and will focus primarily on Dice Control Toss Training, Tweaks and Alternate Throws.  Plan to arrive around 8:15 for coffee and sweet rolls, then we'll hit the practice tables with one of the best coaching teams ever assembled.  Over 100 years of experience at the craps tables between us!  Learn the sets, grips and tosses that will get the money. 

The second session will run from 2PM – 6PM and will focus primarily on Dice Control Betting Strategies, Money Management, Discipline, as well as additional Toss Tweaks.  Still struggling with betting strategies and how to profit from a hand.  This ain't your mamma's three-point-molly class.  We'll cover the do's and don'ts and the when's and why's of betting.  You'll learn what to say, how to say it, and the magic phrase that locks up the money - "bring me down."  Progressions, regressions - you name it - we'll discuss it and show you how it's done.  And while this is not a dice control class - during our practice sessions we'll also point out any flaws we see in your toss.  Your cost - $399 per person for the afternoon session only.

Each of these classes will be LIMITED to a maximum of ten students in order to afford sufficient one-on-one time with each attendee.  Here's how pricing shakes out for the Saturday Dice Control Coaching Sessions: 

Single Session - $399.00

Interested in taking the full day with the coaches?  You'll get the Saturday morning dice control class, the Saturday afternoon betting strategies class, and we'll throw in lunch and a little "open table" toss time to boot.  Your cost - $795 per person.

Once again this year we're going to offer attendees two tracks to choose from on Sunday morning. These three-hour classes will be running concurrently, beginning at 9AM, so ONLY register for one or the other. 

Advanced/Alumni Players' Advanced Betting and Roundtable Discussion with Heavy and Dice Coach.  This session was extremely popular during last year's GAC and Craps Reveille weekends - which is why we've included it on the agenda again this weekend.  Your cost - $299 per person.

While Dice Coach and Heavy are conducting the Advanced Betting and Roundtable Discussion – Irish and Maddog will be offering an Advanced BoneTracker session.  BoneTracker sessions are always popular as they give you a chance to pre-submit your roll files to Irish and Maddog for individual analysis and review during the session.  You'll also receive an advanced copy of the latest and greatest version of BoneTracker as a "take home."  Your cost - $299 per person.

Want a guaranteed spot at the table with the coaches?  On Sunday afternoon we have TWO Live Casino Sessions with the coaches planned.  The first session will begin at 2PM, followed by a second session at 4PM.  These will be private table sessions and will only be available to students who take at least one dice control session on Saturday.  Each live session will be limited to a maximum of ten students.  You cannot sign up for just the live casino sessions.  Cost of these sessions is as follows:


One Session - $129

Two Sessions - $249


Special Discount Deal!  Attend BOTH Dice Control Classes on Saturday and ALL Live Sessions on Sunday for $999.00

Full Meal Deal – Discount Special!  Attend BOTH Saturday Sessions, Your Choice of either of the Sunday Morning Sessions plus Two Live Casino Sessions for $1299 per person.

Due to the limited space available for both classes and live sessions we are not offering any additional discounts on this weekend's events.  Last year's GAC was a complete SELL OUT and we expect no less this year.  Don't miss out on your chance to learn from four of the best coaches in the business!  Sign up today.

As always, your tuition covers the cost of the class itself and all associated materials.  Attendees are on their own for transportation and accommodations. 

To register by phone with a credit card call "Beth" at 1-866-342-3626.


Opportunities are often things you haven't noticed the first time around. - Catherine Deneuve -

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