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 In August of this year, I had three gentlemen sign up for a class. Whit, his son - Chris, and Whit’s father in-law, Carl who is 81 years young and blind! Yep, he is legally blind. 

During the class, I took a little extra time to work with Carl. Knowing he could not see, I showed him how to “feel” the dice and how they should be placed in his hand. Then we worked on the throwing motion, showing him where to release the dice and how that motion should feel each time he threw the dice. 

He cannot set the dice or use a particular dice set, but I suggested that he ask the stick person to give him the dice on a certain set. Since he is legally blind, most dealers would generally be willing to do this for him. 

So, basically I was teaching him how to become a rhythm roller. Rhythm rollers often do very well, primarily because they are not thinking about anything but the motion of the dice. They just use the same motion, landing the dice in the same place, softly hitting the back wall with both dice each and every time.

The class went very well for each of the students. Back at their Strip Hotel and Casino, it was Saturday night and they were looking for a game. The casino was very crowded, but they came across a table were a “whale” had reserved half the table. So they all bought in at the other end. 

The “whale” signed a marker for $400,000 and Chris was first to shoot. He caught a 32- roll hand! With only the four players at the table, the game went very fast. On Chris’s roll all three students made some very good money. The “whale” however was still betting the “don’t” side the entire time and lost his $400k marker. He then signed another marker for $500,000! Now Carl, our 81 years young blind shooter, was up and he caught a 45 to 50 minute roll. He made 4 passes and had the longest roll of his life! Yes, you guessed it; the “whale” was still on the dark side of the game. He had lost his entire second marker of $500k! I really have a concern about the mentality of the “don’t only” bettors who won’t change with the table energy and flow. When you see the game going the other way, you have to change with the flow or go broke. 

I have often thought that even a blind man could shoot, and now I know. With a little instruction and going into the game with confidence, you can conquer this game even with the limitations of blindness.

Carl you are the man, and our student of the month. 

Thank you Carl for opening our eyes to another perspective on playing the game.

Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
Money can be lost more ways than won.

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