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Coach, do you make Lay Bets?
On a cold or choppy table I have switched my thinking on the Don't Pass Bar and the Don't Come Bets. When you make a Don't Pass bet, you are fighting the 7-11 (yo) on the come out roll, a 22.22% probability. On the second roll for the Don't Come bet, you have the very same situation. How many times do you see a point -7 out? There goes the Don't Come bet!
Before I make a Lay Bet , I look for a couple of things. Are the shooters making passes? Are the shooters hitting numbers in-between the point cycle?
Sometimes you are in a game where numbers are hitting and repeating, but the shooter cannot make a pass (ie: hit his/her point). In this case I will Lay the Point.

I like laying the inside numbers only because of the way they pay - 6 & 8 pay 5 to 6, 5 & 9 pay 2 to 3. I don't like Laying the 4 or 10 as I know there are only 3 ways to make these numbers. It is hard for me to swallow the 1 to 2 pay out. There is something about laying (risking) $120.00 and only getting back $60.00.

In a game where the shooter is hitting a lot of craps numbers and not hitting his/her point or any of the inside numbers, I will lay all of the inside numbers. I like this bet because you can win all four lay-bets with one roll of the dice , that is when the 7 shows.

Let's use an example of $30.00 units. On a very cold table, lay the inside numbers for $120.00. That would be $30.00 on each inside number. You only have $30. 00 at risk per roll to win all four bets. This would pay you $90.00 and you get your original $120.00 returned to you, that is unless you want to leave the bets up for another roll.

On this wager you have to pay the casino a 5% commission or $1.00 on each bet for a total of $4.00 commission. Some casinos want the commission up front and others after the play is made. These are not contract bets , so you can take any or all of them down at anytime. If you take any down they will return the 5% commission to you, if you have paid it up front.

Don't force a game - let the game come to you! Even though we are attempting to use a controlled grip with a controlled toss to influence the dice, there are no guarantees we will have a successful session hitting points or numbers.

I had a session the other day with a student; we were the only two players at the table so one would think we should have a successful session. Well guess what, neither one of use could make a pass. We would hit numbers, but made no passes. My student was getting a little nervous and I said "we need to change the way we are playing".

I made a $25.00 Pass line bet and a $25.00 Don't Pass bet with $1 on boxcars for protection or as a hedge bet. This was for the Come out roll only. I established 8 for the point. Now I made a $120.00 Lay on the 8. Knowing we were not hitting points, I set the hard way set ( I have a lot of double pitches). First roll was a double pitch -PSO (point seven out). $120. 00 pays $100.00 making my net win $95.00 after the 5% commission. The Pass Line loses and the Don't Pass wins for a push.

My student set the 9 as a point and we both laid the 9 for $120. 00. Three or four rolls later he hit the 7, which paid us $80.00 each for a net of $76.00 after the commission. We both continued playing for about another 20 minutes , then colored up winners of with about $600.00+ each.

Here is a case where we really could have hurt our bankrolls. Instead we saw what was going on and were able to switch the direction of our play. As Debbie (aka Soft Touch) likes to say; "if you don't like the direction you are going in, then change your direction."

You really need to leave your EGO at home and be willing to change your play as the conditions warrant.

Always remember play to win - don't just play to play.
Dice Coach

Remember -"RISK IS THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR OPPORTUNTITY" - as quoted by Tom Selleck on the CBS show Blue Bloods

Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
Any win is better than any loss … any day. -Pablo-

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