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What can we do with Randy?

I hear this a lot from both my students, as well as my colleagues! "I have had a good roll, but when it came to the random rollers (AKA Randy's), I lost all my profits. What do I do with the random shooters?"

This is when you have to think outside the box. You cannot bet the same way on every shooter. If you do you will probably lose your money. You have to ask yourself - are you there to play or to win.

Personally, I love to play the game. But I love winning even more. I do play to win, but can I win every time? The answer is absolutely not. I will win most of the time, but if the table is cold, I will probably move to the dark side.

Over the course of time I have many casinos sessions with my students. Most of them will bet the same way on all shooters. For example, last week I had four sessions with a student where at the final tally, we both lost. The difference was that he lost 10 times the units that I had lost. I had changed my betting strategies on the random shooters, while he had played his standard game.

Although we had played the same game at the same tables, I had simply changed the way I looked at the other shooters.

Focus on the game and watch the table trends. Are certain numbers in or out of probability? Don't be afraid to switch from the "Do" to the "Don't" depending on what you see.

Sometimes you just have to wait and see what the table is producing in the way of numbers, and don't feel that you have to bet on every shooter. Change you unit size and be ready to press up a bet when a signature number arrivers. If the game permits, bet larger units on fewer numbers. See how many decisions are being paid between pass line decisions, and don't leave your place bets up too long.

Even random shooters can have some good rolls. See what the table is producing. If most shooters are hitting 4 to 6 place bets before a 7 shows up, then simply take all of your place bets down after two hits and wait for the next shooter.

If you are afraid of missing out on a monster roll, simply regress your place bets after two hits. Now your bets are paid for and you can begin to press your bets without fear. There are many ways to play the game, watch how the play is paying now!

Tracking everyone's rolls will help you focus on the game. You can do this with chips or by writing each number down on paper. You have to ask yourself; is anyone making a pass, and if so how many passes? Are the shooters making no passes and the dice just moving around the table? In that case you better be on the dark side. Lot of times there is only one; maybe two passes made per shooter. Be able to switch to the other side without hesitation.

Don't stay too long at any one game. Train yourself to be able to play on tables that are bouncy or where you are out of position. Remember most of the shooters are random shooters or "Randy's".

Last night my wife and I went to a show at one of our local casinos. After the show only one craps table was open. This particular casino is not my favorite place to play and most were random shooters. In spite of this, I played one hour and left up 10 betting units.

Following this rule of thumb will help you in the long run. After playing about one hour, see where you stand. If you are up around 10 units, or down 3 or 4, units then it's time to leave. I know this takes discipline but if you want to be a winner in the long run, you just have to do it.

Remember play to win, not play to play. Good luck!

See you in the pits.

Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong - but that's the way to bet. -Damon Runyon-

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