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Question: How Do You Know When To Leave The Table?

This is a very good question, and one you have to think about with each session you play. Here are some of the guidelines that I have for my own play:


First, when you go to the casino to play table games, go well rested. Go with a good and positive attitude, knowing exactly what your game plan will be. Know what your buy-in will be for the day, what betting strategies you will use, and what your stop-loss will be. 


Once in the casino, don't get too comfortable. Rather than looking for a reason to stay, look for a reason to leave.

After an hour to an hour and a half, take a break, you will need it. After that much time, you will be physically and mentally tired. And if you push yourself, you will lose. Look for signs to leave. Ask yourself, have there been any significant changes in the game? Are the same people there? And if so, are they making any money? Are you making any money? If not, then it is time to leave.


Another good indication is your bankroll. If you are down 1/3 to 1/2 of your buy-in on this session, it is time to pull out of the game. Again, take a break and try another table, or even another casino. 
   Watch the overall development of the game. If, after an hour or so, you are about even, or up/down a unit or two, then consider moving on to another game. Don't waste your time on a game that is not producing.
   Look for subtle changes in the game. If you are winning and the crew is beginning to give you heat, leave while you are ahead. Don't fight the trends; you will just end up giving some, or all, of your hard earned money back. Don't be stubborn, and definitely don't play with your ego. Playing with ego will get you broke real fast!

Use a betting strategy that will work for you and your bankroll. Be patient, you cannot force a win. You have to command the game to become a winner. 


As you are winning, start locking up profits after a 20% win. If the game is still going strong, lock up your buy-in and some additional profit. Play with the balance and do not touch the money you have locked up. As the money you are now playing with continues to grow, keep locking up more of the profits. 

Watch for the "turn in the game," and color up immediately. Always leave a winner, don't chase those losses. If you are close to your win goal, leave the game. Staying too long and pushing the envelope, will only lose your hard earned money.

All of this takes discipline, and without discipline you will be a loser! Follow the game. Learn how to read the table and the players at the table. Ask yourself - "what is this table's energy? Is it positive or negative?" 

As precision shooters, we can have a positive, or a negative, impact on the game. If you are not the shooter, pay attention to the person with the dice. Even random shooters can have "hot" rolls, and you must be prepared to make your move when that happens. This is where your patience and sense of the table flow is so very important.

Do I ever lose my patience or discipline? Yes, unfortunately I do sometimes. And any time I do, it has always cost me money. Then having to go home and explain to your spouse why you have lost is not fun at all. It is always a lot more exciting to recount your triumphs. 

The best advice I can give you is; - be patient, use good discipline, and if anything feels uncomfortable to you at the table, it is time for you to leave that game.

And always look for a reason to leave, not a reason to stay.

The Dice Coach

Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 

Don't let anyone ruin your fun when gambling. More importantly, don't ruin it yourself. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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