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I can't believe how many...........
When playing the game of craps, pay strict attention to the numbers. If you have trouble remembering the numbers and their sequence, try writing down the numbers as they are played and see if you can see any trends.

Numbers will often trend and recur in ways that allow you to make knowledgeable decisions in your betting strategies.

Certain numbers are also red alerts to when the dreaded "7" will show. Wouldn't it be great to know when the next "7" will show up? I am constantly amazed at the trends I see and although every game is different, they are also somewhat the same.

By recording the numbers as they are played, I can go back and review my results. I can see how the numbers fall, what definite trends are presented and where the red alerts fall. Saving these results won't help me in the next game, but it gives me a chance to review what just happened in the current game. Seeing the current trends and recognizing those trends helps me focus in my next playing sessions.

In recognizing the trends of a particular game, you can specifically target a certain one or two numbers that are recurring. Betting larger units on those particular numbers incurs less exposure to your bankroll and that is what a betting strategy is all about - knowing when to press or take down those betting units as the game goes on. Let me tell you this is total POWER!
I will be the first to acknowledge that the game of craps can be a very random game, especially when you are playing with random shooters. So why not have an advantage of noticeable trends when playing with these random shooters? With proper knowledge and awareness of trends, you can develop an edge at the game and decrease the house edge.

This is a risk-averse approach to the game. That's why you can play with larger units while minimizing the risk to your bankroll. The "Method" is one strategy that I have found to be both reliable and consistent because it follows an irrefutable law of quantum physics
that exists all the time. The Law of Attraction is as real as the Law of Gravity.

The "Method", as created by Dr. Robert Antony and Steve Nelli, offer us their collective expertise based on years of research. From this careful and systematic study, they developed a workable formula that allows us to follow this law with uncanny predictability. This is not some Hocus-pocus voodoo stuff. It's as real as you are. What we are talking about is Energy - and Energy is Everything.

A number of my students in dice influence have now added the "Method" to their arsenal of tools and have been very pleased with their results. If you have any questions or would like to just talk to someone who is actively using this method of play, I would be happy to send you their contact information. Their experiences and testimonials regarding their personal use of this proven scientific approach to the game are what initially sparked my interest and made me a believer.

If you are interested in this new approach to the game of craps, you can see a video I created about the "Method" on YouTube - go to and then click on the YouTube Video on our home page.

If you would like to see an overview of the program, or review some of the Student testimonials - send an e-mail to me at

Remember, the most important tools you have are Discipline and Money Management

Good luck, see you in the pit.

Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
" ... old gamblers never die ... they just crap out.

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