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Watch out!!  New rules at the TI!

On Feb. 24th in the late afternoon I took two of my students, Basil and Carl, to play a session at the TI. I started to buy- in for $500.00, but before they even took my money they said to me: "We have new rules now, you have to hit the back wall higher and the dice have to come back at least 8 inches from the back wall." This was my first red flag.

On my very first roll the suits in the pit said "That toss will not work here anymore!" As most of you know the tables at TI are my favorite tables both for the good bounce and the reaction of the dice. My dice will hit the wall but fall straight down, or maybe come back 2 to 3 inches. By the new casino rules, this is not good anymore. I played for almost two hours, winning only 40 units profit. As I was coloring up the suit came over to me and said: "You will not be able to throw dice here anymore, we will let you play the game, but you cannot shoot."

I talked to my favorite person in the pit, he said: "These are new rules - the rules are the rules and we have to stick to them." He also said there had been some problems with certain principles and students from one of the larger dice setting seminars around. Their actions and reactions have caused some problems in the craps pit, and as a result, the heat has come down on all of us.

Adding to this problem, the TI was recently sold to Phil Ruffin, the previous owner of the New Frontier. Many of you may remember that when Mr. Ruffin owned the New Frontier, they would not let you set the dice at all. Of note, Mr. Ruffin sold the New Frontier for 1.25 billon dollars and paid MGM/Mirage $750 million, what a deal and steal!

A couple of other casinos on the strip are having back wall problems too. Bally's and Paris Hotel & Casinos have both increased the heat level for dice setters. At Bally's one suit actually told one of my students that it is illegal to set the dice.

I gave the gaming commission a call on this very subject and this is what they said:

Dice setting and rhythm rolling is not regulated by the gaming commission, and is not considered illegal. They just want to make sure it is a fair game on both sides.

Any dice setting rules or decisions are made solely by the management of the individual casinos and should be the same for all shifts. They say the only problem they are aware of is that dice setters sometimes hold up the game by taking too long to find the sets. We all know that with proper practice, we can set the dice in less than two seconds.

Many casinos have multiple properties now and the rules will change from one casino property to the next, and from one shift to another. Just remember this is Not Regulated by the gaming commission, nor is it illegal. It is strictly an individual casino policy.

With the sinking economy being the way it is, I would think they would welcome more players in their casinos. I also think we are good for the game, adding interest and excitement by setting or being a good rhythm roller.

There are a lot of casinos on the strip, down town and on the outskirts of town where there are good places to play.

Lets avoid the aggravation and the abuse from the very few casinos that are unfriendly towards dice setting and precision throwing. Let's play where we feel the love and they welcome our play.

Good luck, see you in the pits!

Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
Winning at the craps table begins with good money management.

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