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Playing Notes: Coach do you have an update for casino play? (Downtown)

Last month I listed the Strip Casinos (listed in our archives) this month are the downtown casinos.

First let me say that favorable casino playing conditions may vary from day to day, and from shift to shift. One of the things that I look for when scouting playing conditions are dealer friendly tables. Those are the tables with little or no "heat", and Pit personnel that are relaxed and encourage the "fun in the game". That does not mean that they will let get away without hitting the back wall, or taking too much time setting the dice. It means that they will give you a little slack when the occasional throw does not make it to the back wall. They encourage your game and have fun along with you.

I also want to encourage everyone who is shooting the dice to make bets for the dealers; this will bring the dealers right into your game with you. Here is a good way to bet for the dealers; you make a $1.00 pass line bet for the dealers when you are the shooter, then ask the other players at the table for "dealer dollars" and use those dollars for the odds for the dealers. This brings everyone into the game and on you team, creating very good energy for the table. Try it you will have a lot of fun. The casino pays and everyone wins!

Luck has nothing to do with it, play right and you will WIN!!
Don't confuse player's energy with luck!

Dice Coach

Dice Coach's Best Down Town Casino's

Golden Nugget Hotel/Casino (5) 12' tables three are very playable. The best time to shoot craps at the Golden Nugget is in the evening. A true bounce table, line bets from $5.00 to $5,000. Odds bets 3x 4x 5x. The casino conditions are the best for the downtown casinos. Many fine restaurants/bars are available in the Golden Nugget. New tower and nightclub and a very nice sushi bar next to the new 50- table poker room.

Fremont Hotel/Casino (4) 14' tables, the rail and shooting surface are closer to the floor, made specifically for shorter stature players. This shooting surface is a harder surface than Golden Nugget, but very playable. Use a lower arch for your toss. Line bets from $5.00 to $1,000.00. Odds bet only 2x. Fremont is where you have the dice counter and if you throw 25 rolls or more using your player's card, you receive a receipt with your roll count noted. Add all of your points up for a 24-hour period and you will receive some great prizes!! Also this is the only casino any where in Las Vegas where you can buy the 4 & 10 at a $5.00 betting level. You will receive an extra (3) .25 cent chips for buying these number, no "vig" up front.

Binion's Hotel/Casino just purchased by the owner of 4 Queens. (5) Tables in the main pit an (1) where the old Mint used to be, these tables are very dark as the lighting is very different and old. Line Bets from $3.00 at off hours, max bets $3,000. Odds 3x 4x 5x. Some bounce playing conditions will very from AM to PM.

4 Queen's Hotel /Casino (3) 12' tables. Line bet from $5.00 max $1,000.00. 5x odds on any number. $2,000.00 max. odds. These tables used to be very playable, now they have installed some ribbed materials under the felt where the dice land. You cannot see this material, but if you rub your fingers where the dice land you can feel the ribbed material. This makes it very difficult to control the dice, when the dice hits the material they fall very random. Some say they can beat this game by landing the dice in front of the ribbed area first. This makes the distance about 12" from the back wall. My suggestion is to play at another casino.

Main Street Station Hotel/Casino Very nice downtown look. Old time architecture great feeling once inside. Be sure to visit the Triple 7 brewery for great pizza and beer. Main Street also has the best buffet downtown. They have (3) 14' tables surface equal to the Fremont. Line Bet form $5.00 to $1,000. Odds 20x on any number max odds bets are $3,000. Max field bets $1,000.00.

California Hotel/Casino (5) 14' tables. Min. $5.00 Max $1,000. Odds 2x
Some bounce to these tables. Boyd Gaming owns the Fremont, Main Street Station and the California.

Plaza Hotel/Casino (3) 12' tables. Min. bets $5.00 to Max. $500.00 with 5x odds.
Some bounce to these tables. Older property needs a lot of work.

The balance of the downtown casinos are Vegas Club, Fitzgerald's, Golden Gate and the El Cortez. These tables are not playable, due to the behavior of the dice after they land. The old Lady Luck is still closed for remodeling.

Have fun and great runs downtown! Let me know how you do.

Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
Any win is better than any loss … any day. -Pablo-

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