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Coach, do you make any sports bets?

The answer is a resounding - Yes! I am interested in all forms of gaming, but Sports Betting is one of my favorites.

Many years ago I belonged to a betting team with some of my buddies from California. We would bet heavily during football season, coming to Las Vegas every weekend, staying at Caesar's Palace and placing bets that gave us full comps (RFB)!

At that time we were using a touting service out of Maryland. At times he had good picks and at other times not so good. We would bet three college CFB games on Saturday and three pro NFL games on Sunday, and between us we would bet as much as $40,000 on a single game. We would actually change the lines at the Caesars' Sports Book. It was great when we won, but not so good when we lost.

Over the years I have used many touting services with very mixed results. Each had their own criteria for their picks, relying on the type of turf, the specific referees for that game and the like. But none that offered professional mathematical statistics that would really work.

That was until I was introduced to John Morrison, who offered systems on NFL, NBA and MLB. On his website he offers the following:

"I am a celebrated Ivy League graduate from Cornell University with a PhD degree in statistics. On the side, I'm a full-blooded sports enthusiast who has practically never missed the big game."

Skeptical as I was, I started watching his mathematical system for NBA and was amazed with the results. I paper played his picks for a time just to see if he would be consistent, then started betting with smaller units with amazing results.

Now during the MLB season, I decided to bite the bullet and increase my units, again with outstanding results. My Sports bankroll is up 80% so far this MLB season!

You MUST follow his system to the letter and you have to be PATIENT! Use lots of discipline and do not deviate from this system if you really want to win.

Yes, he will lose a game or two here and there but he uses a three tier betting system that works! This system gets a little scary at times, but has produced extremely positive results.

If you are interested in his information, I have established the following link for you:

DiceCoach's Recommended Sports Betting system. Click here!

He has really made a believer out of me and his fees are very reasonable. I know you will be as impressed as I am.

I also recommend the best place to bet on sports is: Click here!

Good luck in the pits - and the sports books too!

NOTE: Sign up for the Sports Betting System through our web site and receive 2 hours FREE video time.

Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
The less you bet the more you lose when you win.

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