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Starting the New Year off on the Right Foot - 2004

I do not know how everyone did in the casinos last year, and it really doesn't matter. All of that is behind us now, and it is time to look forward. 

This is a brand new year and we all have a chance at a fresh start. Just like a new chapter in a book, we have to start out with a positive attitude, a new game plan, and a new bankroll. We all need to focus on becoming advantage players, playing to win, not just playing to play.

But make it fun! If you had a positive 2003 and made money in the casinos, take a portion of that bankroll, say 25%, and start a new bankroll. See if you can build your new 2004 bankroll past the level of last year's bankroll. 

If you had a bad year, you will have to start over anyway. So take all that change you have been saving in the cookie jar all year, gather all your casino-play coupons, find those leftover chips in your pockets, and put it together for your seed money to start your fresh new year of casino action.

Use a betting strategy that will allow you to win small but consistent units. When you win enough to raise your minimum bets to the next level, do so carefully. Your bets will be based on your new current bankroll, so you will need to increase that bankroll before you can start betting those larger units again. As your bankroll grows, your personal tolerance to risk will come in to play. Do you want to risk those hard earned units on more flamboyant play, or are you more comfortable just plodding along with a gradual increase in wins. And always remember, "If the bet does not feel right, then don't make the bet". Always bet within your bankroll limits and your own comfort levels.

Your goal is not only to build your bankroll, but also to make money. Your want to become the very best advantage player you can be. Unfortunately, the casinos do not like advantage players. We are smarter and wiser players, watching our betting strategies, watching the flow of the game and leaving the tables when the energy is gone. Advantage players are hard to beat and can make the casinos very nervous. That does not mean you cannot play your game, you just have to be aware of the concerns of the casinos and adjust your game accordingly. 

You also need to follow some very simple rules, and stick to them!
     The number one, and most important, is the big "D" for discipline. Whether you are a novice      or a seasoned player, you have to work on your discipline to become a consistent winner. You will always have to work on this one.
     Go into the game with a positive and winning attitude.
     Do not play when tired or sick.
     Stick to your stop loss limit. Walk away from that game. (Discipline)
     Do not play with a short bankroll or "scared" monies.
     As you win, lock up a portion of your win. For example: If you are ahead by $300.00 over your initial buy-in, lock up $200.00 of that win and play with just the remaining $100.00. If you lose after that, you will still leave with a $200.00 profit. This is where your discipline is so very important.
     As long as you are winning and locking up profits, why leave that table? Stay and play while winning, but leave when the table turns. Again, discipline, discipline, discipline.

We have a fresh new year and a clean slate, so to speak. How we handle our game and our bankroll will determine whether we are winners or losers at the end of the year. 

I wish everyone a very winning New Year! 

And let us know how you are doing at the casinos. Keep those trip reports coming!

The Dice Coach

Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 

Sports do not build character. They reveal it. - Heywood Hale Brolin -

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