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Question: Coach - what kind of betting strategies should I use?

First- Establish your Bankroll:
As a rule of thumb - 100x’s your single unit flat bet.
Single unit $5.00 bettor will buy – in for $500.
$10.00 bettors will buy - in for $1,000.
$25.00 bettors will buy - in for $2500.00.
Be comfortable with you unit size buy in amount. Don’t over bet your bankroll. Your bankroll and buy–in has to do with your tolerance to risk. If you are uncomfortable with your unit size and buy–in, you are probably over betting what you can afford to lose. 

Be careful!
And play only with a designated bankroll. You should have a separate bankroll for each game you play.

The Worst Bets:
Stay out of the middle! Don’t make prop bets and hardway bets. The house edge is too high on these bets. If you stay away from these bets, your bankroll will love you.

The Best Bets:
How would you like to get a 3 to 1 or even a 7 to 1 payout on the pass line? Sounds crazy but there is a great strategy that allows this type of return, and you can find it on Michael Vernon’s website –

Basically you are Parlaying the Naturals:
Parlay your Pass line bet on a come-out roll when a Natural winner is rolled, (7 or 11). The strategy is to take a one-unit bet to a seven–units pay off. Should the shooter continue with a 7 or 11, you keep parlaying the bet until the third win. At this point you will have won seven units for a one–unit bet. Even if you get to parlay the bet only once and you end up on a point, when the point is rolled you will receive a 3 to 1 pay-off. 
This is the most important play for a Pass Line player. 
Wins Due to Naturals= 8 (22.2% of total occurrences and 45.08% of total wins)

Only 30 units are required to play this strategy! Michael Vernon goes into great detail for this strategy, including the Metaphysics of the game in his book - 
Playing 4keeps- Do’s and Don’ts of Dice Play. 
His book can be purchased by calling our toll FREE number: 1-866-342-3626.

With lots of practice, practice, practice you too can become a skilled precision shooter, playing with an advantage. By tracking your rolls on a computer spreadsheet, you will know what your advantage numbers are with certain dice sets. In my “One-on-One” class we go into this in detail. You also receive a copy of the computer program to work with at home.

Other Best Bets:
<Pass line with odds.
<Come bets with odds.
<Place the 6 & 8
<Buy the 4 & 10
<Buy the 5 & 9 

There are many betting strategies; you have to pick one that you are personally comfortable with, including unit size and average bet size. During our Dice Coach classes, we go into depth on which betting strategy is best for you, your bankroll and your unit size.

I hope this will help, let me know if you have any questions.

Dice Coach

Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
Gambling is a great way to get nothing for something" - Milton Berle -

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