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Question: Can a person with only a little knowledge of the game of Craps - win?

Answer: The answer is a resounding YES! - As long as you approach the game within the limits of your knowledge. A great example is the story in "Debbie's Corner" on this website. The seven bright students from Rice University had little to no knowledge of the game before they came to town. After just 4 hours of work in the Dice Pit with myself -DiceCoach, and Debbie, aka Soft Touch, they were able to put their new knowledge to work in live casino play. Not only were they "winners" at the tables, but their play earned them enough "comp" points for a free buffet. 

The secret to their success is that they "played within the limits of their knowledge". They did not try for the "big score", they did not place bets that they were unfamiliar with, they did not "over-bet" their limited bankrolls. They had a strategy before entering the casino and stuck to their plan. They used careful money management and discipline, and as a result, they were winners in every respect.

So, YES - as a beginner, you can win at the tables and earn "comp" points for your play….even at the young age of 21!!

The Dice Coach

"I only wish I had taken the class at the beginning of my trip instead of the end, so I wouldn't have made some of the mistakes I made before seeing you.  I'm a believer in the class - and the fact that it's definitely a skill, not a system.  I look forward to seeing you on my next trip to Las Vegas." - M.S.- 

Opportunities are often things you haven't noticed the first time around. - Catherine Deneuve -

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