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Question: How do you handle casino "Heat?"

Answer: Casino "Heat" comes in many forms, but most commonly it is from the dealers, "boxperson" or the "suits". They will try very hard to get you out of the "Zone" by interrupting your play. When this happens, you as a professional shooter, must be able to either ignore the comments, or "play along" with the intrusions.

A good example of "Casino Heat" happened this past weekend. I was shooting at a Strip Casino with Soft Touch when the Boxman began to make little jabs about my play. With comments like "Coach, you made your point - this is just luck and certainly not your skill!" and " Your friend is doing better than you are, maybe you should take your own class!", they were certainly trying to get me off my stride.

In this instance, I just played along with the "Box" and when I hit the next point, I said "there is that "Luck" again, it certainly is not my skill!" 

The point is, the Casinos will do just about anything to get you out of the "Zone". Be professional, don't lose your cool and stay in your Zone. Look at the overall situation. Can I handle the intrusions? And if the "heat" becomes too intense, "color up" and take a break from your play. 

The Dice Coach

I want to thank you all for a really neat time. I left Vegas a $8800.00 winner which was a nice extra. I feel I have basic idea of what dice setting is and that the seminar was just the beginning. - Bill L.

Have you ever noticed that everyone in a casino seems to be in a hurry? Are they in a hurry to win, or a hurry to lose? - From Wit & wisdom To Help You Win, by by John Gollehon -

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