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Question: Dice Coach, is Craps your only Game?

Answer: Absolutely not!

I think every one needs a second, or maybe a third game to play. If Craps is not working for you today, you need another game to fall back on or break your rhythm. And you do not want to have a "burn out" on just one game. Remember, we need to keep the fun in this gaming business.

My second game is Blackjack and the Blackjack tournaments. I also play some video poker, and of course, during football season, I enjoy betting on both College and Pro games. Along with regular betting, many of the casinos offer football contests. Some are free and offer prizes up to $10,000.00 per week. Others are based on the entire season and pay hefty prizes at the end of the season. 

This past weekend, I competed in a blackjack tournament at the Las Vegas Club. Out of 120 plus players I came in 5th. Place. At the end, I was in first place with only five hands to go. Unfortunately, I pushed on two hands and lost three hands, falling from 1st. to 5th place. The prize money for first place was $7,000.00 and fifth place was $800.00. For a $99.00 entry fee I still had a very good return on my money and had a lot of fun doing it.

Beth also played but, unfortunately, did not make it to the semi final round. Her name was drawn for a $100.00 wild card spot, so overall, we had a great time and made money too!!

In Las Vegas there are many Blackjack Tournaments. Some are major ones with larger buy-ins like the Million Dollar Hilton Tournament. Others are mini or locals tournaments where the buy-ins range from $10 to $25, and the prize money is considerably less. The casinos also host Invitational Blackjack Tournaments for their preferred players.

Yes, I have done my share of all types of tournaments, even the Hilton's Million Dollar Tournament, with its $1,000.00 entry fee and chance to make it to the $1,000,000.00 final round! And one day I will make it to that $1,000,000.00 final round!

The best part is that my Craps winnings pay for my Blackjack Tournament entries. What could be better!

My next game will be Texas Hold'em. I have the books and am doing my homework, but it will take some time to master. 

Yes, there is more to life than just Craps. Remember to always keep the fun in the games, and your gaming career will last as long as you do.

The Dice Coach

Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 

Luck comes and goes knowledge stays for ever. - Bill Burton -

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