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Question: Hey Coach, what is happening with casino comps?

Answer:  With all of the new casino mergers, you as the player need to see where you stand with your comps at each casino. Every casino has different rules about the comps they offer. And it will make a big difference if you are from out of town, only visiting occasionally, or a local player. 

See your casino host when you first arrive. He or she will be able to tell you what the criteria is at that hotel/casino with regards to your play. Some of the Strip Casino’s are actually saying “use-em or lose em!!” on each trip.

I ran into this new policy at one of my favorite Strip Casino a couple of weeks ago. I needed a dinner comp for three of us, and went to a host for the comp as usual. I had given this particular casino a lot of action just a few weeks before, and felt there should be no problem. Much to my surprise, his answer was that I should have used my comps when I was in last month. That I had no comps accumulated for this month. (this being the beginning of the current month) 

I said that “with all of the action I give you guys, it should not make a difference”. His answer was: “ since you are a local, you need to use them each month with no carry over”. After talking with him for about 15 minutes, he caved in and gave me a comp dinner for three. As you see I don’t take “No” for an answer. Sometimes you have to be a little pushy, but nice with a good attitude. You know the saying that you can “attract more bees with honey”.

Some of the more prominent local casinos, like the Station Casinos that have multiple properties, will often have different rules at each casino. You can ask the same question at any Station Casino, and get a little different answer at each one. Go figure.

The local (and some Strip) casinos will offer the local players additional promotions such as match play tickets and FREE play coupons, as well as various promotional gifts. Going into the Casino with a FREE PLAY ticket is a real advantage play to me. These FREE PLAY coupons generally work on even-money bets for most table games. The one I like best is at NY- NY. I get FREE $25 play chips, or token chips, and these chips can play on any table game, on any bet. Not just on an even-money bet. These chips stay in action until that bet loses. So I can make several chips of real money on one $25 token chip.

So on your next Las Vegas trip check with your casino host. See what their policy is for using your comps. And if you might lose them – use them! 

Good Luck, and I will see you in the pits.

The Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
The casino is crowded; you want to play but the tables are full. You've just spotted a guy ready to leave a table because he just lost all of his money. But why would you want to take his place?

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