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How many times do you see players at the tables writing down the numbers that were tossed by the shooter? Does this really matter?

In the past I really didn't believe this, but since I have been working with and playing the "Method" this past year ( Play YouTube Video ), I can see that there is good reason to document a players rolls.

When I am documenting a table, I am looking for the current trends of the game, is it a hot table, a cold table or choppy table. Based on my observations, I can determine which side of the game I want to play. Knowing this gives me a distinct advantage in my play.

Next time you are playing, really look at the numbers that are being tossed. Have you ever found yourself saying; "Wow there were a lot of 8's or 6's tossed." or "This shooter seems to toss a lot of 5's and 9's".

Watch for certain patterns that occur during that game, and watch for certain numbers that will follow a particular number. I had a student a couple of months ago who threw eight -8's is a row, (Wayne M. @Monte Carlo on the LV strip). When you see patterns like this, why not get on board and bet the 8. Sometimes you will look at a number and say I can't bet that number because there have been too many already tossed. That is not necessarily true, when you see pattern like this occurring, bet that number.

Hard ways and crap numbers are very high vig. bets and the general consensus is that we should not make these bets. Most of the time you would be correct, but there are certain times that it is ok to make these bets.

You often hear Steve "Heavy" Haltom say "see a horn- bet the horn". Sometimes these numbers will trend back to back and he is right; get on board or be left at the station!

When making a horn bet, I will often hedge my horn bet with a bet in the field at the same time. If you win the horn bet you will win the field bet. If the horn does not hit, many times the field numbers 4,10,9 will show up.
Lots of things can go wrong in a game and it is usually when we are not paying attention or focusing on the game. This game moves fast, so pay attention and get on board at the right time. Don't be left at the station.
Start looking at the game a little differently; make the move when it is called for. Don't be afraid to make lay bets on cold or choppy tables. I would rather change to lay bets, than leave a cold table. Take advantage of what is happening in the here and now.

Play to win - don't just play to play.

See you in the pits,

                                    as quoted by Tom Selleck
                                   on the CBS show Blue Bloods

Send me your trip reports other players love to see what you are doing.

Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 
The less you bet the more you lose when you win.

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