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Coach- What do you mean by Playing in the Moment?

            In the past I have written articles on various approaches to the game of Craps and the ways to enjoy your play while minimizing your risks.  Those articles have addressed betting strategies, different sets and various ways to chart the tables.

            Playing in the moment is yet another approach to the game that requires a lot of discipline and focus.  This type of play is not for everyone and some will say it takes thejoy out of the game.  When you select an approach to the game, first ask yourself – are you are there to playor there to win. 

            My passion for the game is well known.  I love to win.  I also enjoy watching thenumber patterns of the game.  Charting the tables gives me the opportunity to watch for number trends and see if there are any patterns forming that will benefit my play.  Taking this knowledge of whatis happening in the here and now and applying it to my play is what I refer to as Playing in the Moment.

            First I look to see if there are any passes being made and watch for signature numbers, numbers that seem to appear more often than random or follow certain number sequences.  To do this I generally chart about 24 rolls before even making a bet.  Sometimes I will see an opportunity forming before I have reached 24 rolls and in that case I will jump into the game early, but most of the time it takes the 24 rolls to really get a feel for the trends.

            A good example of jumping in to a game early happened at a table in the Rio Hotel and Casino a couple of weeks ago.  There were ten players at the table when I bought in and you could see by their body language that they were depressed.  I asked what was going on and the player to my right said that no one could make a pass.  Looking at their sparse chips racks and their long faces, I took his word to heart and proceeded to lay the point.  I continued to do this on all ten shooters and not one was able to make the pass.  As a result I won ten out of ten bets by paying attention to what was happening in the moment.

            This kind of information doesn’t come very often but when it does, seize the opportunity.  Good solid information like this will make us all winners.

 “The key to winning at gambling is to bet a larger unit, from a larger bankroll, for a short period of time--hit and run. This limits our exposure, allows us to exploit a table in the moment as it comes into balance or seeking balance to match its statistical probability. This approach actually makes the math meaningless, as you and I know math traditionally.” SN

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Good luck at the tables and send me your trip reports.
Dice Coach

The Dice Coach
Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. - Milton Berle -

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