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Dice Setting Class
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Las Vegas, NV!

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    RECENT TESTIMONIAL                         



"Thanks for the great tune-up - the best money I ever spent!"
April 2014

You noticed that I was keeping my pointer and pinkie fingers pointed up in the air when shooting and you told me to let them hang naturally and just drag them across the table as I throw.

This helped me throw better from any spot on the table. I had two days left in Vegas after the tune-up and I shot the lights out!...two throws in the 30's and some in the teens and 20's and I hit repeating numbers like crazy.

After I got home I went to the Indian casino and the results were the same and even had a 64 monster roll!

Thanks again,
Roger V. MN

"Thank you so much for the tips you gave us when we were there in Vegas..."
March 2014

When I told you about the session I just finished, -up 60%, with a PSO, your response in one line was "We will discuss how to handle that".

Honestly, I thought that was just a sales talk.
I need to apologize for that thinking.

After our training session, I played craps at Rio on 03/16 and 03/17.
I played in AC for two sessions on 03/22 and 03/30.
In all these 4 days collectively I would have saved on PSOs and craps numbers (put together) AT LEAST 50 times.
This is no exaggeration. As I play 160 across, this is a saving of at least $8,000 you have helped me made.

It would only be highly impolite of me if I do not send you a thank you note for this.

I shall make it a point to drop by for a tune-up every time I come to Vegas. Even if don't hone my shooting skills, I would do this at least to have a glimpse of Beth's hospitality/smile. Please say my Hi to the Lady. You are a great couple.

Thanks again,
Siva NJ

"Thanks very much for the class yesterday..."
Feb. 2014

We all learned so much during our time with you and we put the skills learned to good use last night and this morning.

I had a 2-hour session last night after the fight at Mandalay. I rolled the dice twice on a packed table.

1st Roll - I had 22 roles and hit 5 points (5 twice, 4, 8, 9). Missed the bonus. Needed a 2 or 12. Only 1 seven, which was the last roll. Made $420 2nd Roll - I had 9 rolls and didn't hit my point of 10.
I used the 3/1 - 2/4 set from stick left.

This morning, bought in on a $15 table with $500 and cashed out $965. There was a guy charting and said he was a dice book author. After I rolled I asked him how many rolls I had. I had 32 rolls!!! I hit 4 points. Tough thing was that I had 7 come out 7's which kept wiping out my bonuses. I used the same 3/1-2/4 set from the end.

The confidence is high right now and can't wait to come back in a few weeks and coming back to the "Dice Coach!"

Thanks again and see ya soon!
James W FL.

"Happy New Year. From Cripple Creek"
Jan 2014

I just wanted to pass along to you how our last trip up to Cripple Creek went. After starting off slow (as Always) the wife got the dice. The short story is she rolled a (76) but only got four numbers on the fire bet. The dice went around the table twice. The wife got them again and she rolled a (73). She put me too shame as my best roll was a (33). As always Take Care and Best Rolling.


"Made $5,900.00 Cashed in after the craps and walked..."
Jan 2014

I went to the Golden Nugget around 1:10 pm on 12/5/13. Table had about 8 players and I let 78 rolls go by till I decided to roll. I was two spots to the right of the stickman. I took the dice and set them with the to sixes on top and two fives facing me. I threw a slow lob for one hour and ten minutes with 65 rolls without a craps. The table was quiet and everyone was patient with me on all my throws. I never change the setting of the dice for all 65 rolls. I Had a lot of field numbers. Was in the field with $100 and two double sixes. I must say that this was the longest throw in my life. I must thank you for the short dice setting class at your house. I always set dice and then cupped them to relax and let go of them very softly. As you know I had nothing to drink. I will be back to the Golden Nugget and see if this same table will be kind to me. Once in a lifetime but what a rush! Made $5,900.00 Cashed in after the craps and walked. Did not play again. Left the next morning.

Happy New Year!

I played at Monte Carlo last night and had the best couple of rolls of my life!
Nov. 2013

I played at Monte Carlo last night and had the best couple of rolls of my lifeI won back the money I lost earlier plus $675.00.  You would have been proud of me.  I was concentrating and applying what you taught me and it showed big time.  I made my point five times. I couldn't believe it myself.  One guy even tosses me a $25 chip when the seven showed. 

I can't thank you enough for your guidance yesterday. 

Linda H DC

 "... I then changed tables and proceeded to toss all six numbers to the Fire Bet, again I had another $10. Paying me a whopping $10,000 "!
Oct. 2013

Coach ,

when I signed up for your class I told some of my friends and they said you are wasting your money taking a class which teaches you how to throw the dice. Just pick-em up and toss the dice.
Coach you will not believe it, I won most of my sessions and the icing on the cake was at the Quad on the strip. I hit 4 numbers to the fire bet, I did what you told me, I me $10. On the Fire Bet winning $250.

I then changed tables and proceeded to toss all six numbers to the Fire Bet, again I had another $10. Paying me a whopping $10,000.

Thank you so much, I will be taking more classes from you.

Aloha Derek H. Hawaii

I find that as long as I follow the disciplined betting and have patience with my sets, I am having success.


HeHey there, I wanted to provide you with an update. I have had a few sessions over the past few months.

The last two times I was in Vegas, I had a slight down trip the first time. My wife and I were there with some friends and I wasn't as disciplined as I needed to be. The second time, I was at Bill's and hit them for $1,000. I had a 4 point fire bet hit there.

A few weeks later, I hit a 5 point fire bet in Hammond, Ind. and walked away with $1,400. My last trip was to the Rivers Casino in Chicago. I hit a 4 point fire bet and walked away with another $1,400 gain.

I find that as long as I follow the disciplined betting and have patience with my sets, I am having success. I head to Colorado in 20 days for another fire bet trip with my dad. He has been having some success as well lately, but I don't know ALL the details.


The little comments that you and Pablo make are money savers and makers!
July 2013


Just randomly viewed a few videos this morning. They are very enlightening. Some of the comments that you have mentioned casually would have saved me more than I paid for the 8hrs of viewing time each and every time that I have stepped foot inside a casino. I had only intended to view certain videos since I have bought and read many many books and videos, but now I intend to watch and take notes on each and every one of them. The little comments that you and Pablo make are money savers and makers.

Thanks for your help,


We Took Down About $30,000 Off The Table!
March 2013

Hi Coach,

I took your class last year. Since then, I've been building my bankroll quite nicely. I'm sending a married couple your way that I've recently met and played with at the Fiesta and Sam's Town.

Speaking of the Fiesta, I had a 45 minute roll there last week. I believe we took down about $30,000 off the table. $11,000 of that was mine. The couple I met there was so impressed, they met up with me at Sam's Town this week.

I had two twenty minute rolls and a couple ten minute rolls. I only lost on one roll out of about 7. I had been up about 3K, but gave some back due to betting on bad shooters.....I know, not smart.

Anyway, I left with about 1.4k in my pocket which I consider good for 6 hours of play. Feel free to use any of my comments on your testimonials page. I'm thinking of signing up for a refresher in May.

Take care,

Your Class Was Invaluable!
March 2013


Thanks for all the tips, your class was invaluable in helping me find the right sets for me, and how to keep my winnings from evaporating.

I made about $1000 at the Monte Carlo over three mornings and had a great time! I used the 6 buck high horn "Yo" ace deuce successfully to the point that the pit boss asked who taught me that...said "somebody's been coached." I told him I picked it up from a friend. I toked the dealers well, playing hard ways for them.

Great trip looking forward to going back in July and will definitely continue the education!

PS....Noe, stayed away from the tables...but made out like a bandit on the slots.  He made 3k off the same two machines at the Aria. Thanks again

Richard G, Texas

I hit a 6 point fire bet!
June 2012


On Saturday, June 16th, at Caesar's Palace I hit a 6 point fire bet for 10,000 (7,500) after taxes!

I made 9 passes in a row and colored out over 12,000! When I finally seven-ed out I got a huge round of applause and a bunch of high fives. It was surreal!

I want to personally thank you for showing me the straight out toss and working on my press and take betting strategy. I primarily shoot from straight out and have had great success with it!

I highly recommend your students take the straight out class because you do an excellent job teaching it. I know I will be seeing you soon for tune-ups and to catch up. Thanks Beau!

Jamie V

It Could Happen To You
March 2012

Well, as you heard I had a rather eventful day. When I got back to Caesars I decided to drop $100 on a table just to practice.

I didn't feel so good about that table and lost about $20 so I went over to another table. There I hit two points and rolled about 10-15 times before I PSO. I cashed in my $136 and left happy that I was up $36.

After the conference I was about to leave Caesars and realized I had $20 of chips in my pocket and figured why not just try to shoot and see where it gets me. I watched the table for a while, saw three players PSO.

Then it was my turn to shoot. Long story short I ended up rolling 61 times before I PSO. I hit 4,5,6,8,9,10 as the only points never repeating any of those. After I hit the fire bet I rolled a 3, 8, and 7 in that order. It was truly amazing and I credit our class to my success 100%. I walked away with $5135.

Here is the most interesting part, I was shooting from stick left 1. The rest of the night I put a little money here and there to shoot and see how I would do, I didn't get up again at all. I hit a few points and had longer rolls than most, but I also wasn't willing to put much money out since I would like to go home with it. I shot stick left and right 1 and it had similar effects.
Tomorrow I plan on bringing my $500 Bellagio chip to the cashier and then heading to Caesars.

Do you have any tips for betting strategy. I like what we talked about but I'm a little nervous to fully implement it. I think I will track the table and right down all of the numbers tomorrow as well.

Thanks again for a great and extremely profitable class.

Shooting From The End
May 2011

My wife and I were in Las Vegas last week on business so we weren't able to get to the tables as much as we like, but we did manage to squeeze in a few sessions.

We first played at Ballys, but didn't really get the dice to cooperate. I normally throw from stick left and my wife throws from stick right or from the end. On our last night in Vegas we decided to play at Rio.

We started playing at one table and managed to win a little, but nothing great. My wife suggested switching tables. The table had more people at it so we were not able to get in our positions. We managed to get at one end.

My wife and I always place $10 dollars each on the fire bet when we are throwing. Well, the dice finally made their way to me so I set the dice with the 2 & 1 on the inside. DiceCoach shows this combination on one of his videos. We have practiced this technique at home.

Well, I starting lighting up the table. I was hitting my numbers and making money for myself and everyone else at the table. They even brought in 2 chip refills to try to throw me off my game. It didn't work!

I managed to hit five numbers on the fire bet before I sevened out. I don't know how many times I rolled but I was really getting tired. We have taken private lessons from Dicecoach over the years and it has paid off. I have learned from the Dicecoach to practice, practice, practice and to learn to throw from different positions on the table. Thanks again "Teacher" for all your help and knowledge.

Ray from Illinois

I kept the dice for 1-hour!

Hey Dice Coach!

Playing craps at Foxwood's Casino last night (early morning) and I kept the dice for 1-hour! My buddy and I walked out with $1,400 and $1,500, respectively! I was at stick-side left one. I made the guy next to me (stick-side right one) over $8,000!! Needless to say he gave me some generous tip money.

Just wanted to share that story with you and say thank you for your videos and advice from them along the way. I've been practicing and it surely paid off in a big way. Such and exciting atmosphere! The crowd grew substantially while I was the shooter from 2am to 3am!!

Best wishes,


What a great class you put on for us!

We had 15 wins out of 16 casinos in Las Vegas. Cobe had a monster roll of 82 along with many other great rolls. Kathy was very good with the come out 7's 4,5,6 in a row and betting
the 7's hopping!

Back home now we're going to the river boats every weekend, having the same good shooting skill here. It is harder to get into a game because of limited space but it works good. We still toss the dice every nite (practice) for 2 hours or so. We hope to get back out to take some follow up classes soon.

Thanks again for your help. This was a great deal for us and we recovered our investment at the very first table we played.

Thanks a lot,
Cobe & Kathy.

" ... old gamblers never die ... they just crap out.

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