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October  15, 16 and 17th, 2010!

After ten years in the Dice Control Seminar business, Heavy has announced The Final Fling - his sayonara seminar in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  It all happens  October 15, 16, and 17 as some of the world's top dice influencers get together for an exciting weekend of craps education, fellowship, and live casino sessions. 

Joining Heavy in leading this exciting event will be founder Thom "Irishsetter" Morgan, BoneTracker developer Shaun "Maddog" Broadhead, and Las Vegas' original "Dice Coach," Beau Parker at  On the agenda for the weekend - small group classes with plenty of face time with the coaches, private BoneTracker classes with Maddog and Irishsetter, and a special Intuitive Betting Session with Dice Coach and Heavy.  Add to this a Friday night reception* and plenty of opportunities for hook-up and live play and it looks like we've thrown another winner.    
Why not plan to check-in a day early, hook up with friends from prior seminars and get a little play in before the "official" fun begins?  There are more craps choices in Las Vegas than any other city in the world.  Take advantage of it while you can!  But don't stay up too late Thursday night, because the fun begins early on Friday.
Heavy, Dice Coach, Irishsetter and Maddog will host four three-hour dice control classes - two on Friday and two on Saturday.  Sessions are 9AM - 12PM and 2PM - 5PM each day.  Sign up for one or more - enrollment will be limited.  Our recommendation?  Sign up for two sessions - one on Friday and a second on Saturday - and use them to tune up for your live sessions.  Just remember, enrollment will be limited and it's "first come - first served" when it comes to choice of session times.    
In these sessions we'll cover the basics of setting and betting;  table position, stance, the sets, the grips, picking up and tossing the dice, plus the "crap between your ears."  Need some help fine-tuning your game?  We'll cover that as well as we provide you old-timers a few tricks to take your game to the next level.  We'll do it all on a regulation table in Dice Coach's Craps pit.  The cost?  $369 for one session or $695 for two sessions. 
Enroll for these sessions at the following link.  Please specify in your comments which sessions you are signing on for, e.g. Friday 2PM and Saturday 9AM.  We will make every effort to accommodate requests, but again - first come - first served on choice of session times. 
  One Group Dice Control Session - $369
  Two Group Dice Control Sessions - $695
If you prefer to pay by telephone with a credit card contact Dice Coach direct at 1-866-DICEMAN.  That's 1-(866) 342-3626.
*On Friday evening there will be a reception/party at Dice Coach's digs for all attendees enrolled in the Friday and Saturday dice control sessions.  Attendees are welcome to bring spouses or significant others, but are limited to one guest.  This reception is for adults only.  There will be finger food, beverages, and fun for all - including head-to-head competitions in the craps pit.  While there will be no additional charge for this get-together, the "toke box" will be out and donations to offset the cost of food and beverage will be appreciated.
Saturday evening you'll be on your own to hook-up and hang-out with new and old friends as you enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas.  But remember, Saturday night is "amateur night" at the casino.  Tables will be crowded, limits will be raised and shooting positions hard to come by.  As always, we recommend you enjoy some of Las Vegas' non-gaming activities rather than succumbing to "Saturday Night Fever." 
On Sunday morning Heavy and Dice Coach will host an Intuitive Betting Session from 9AM - 12PM.  In addition to covering the "best bets" at the table we will demonstrate how to read and follow the table trend, which additional numbers to bet, when to press and regress.  We will also cover various styles of betting - negative progressions, positive progressions, flat-betting, and more.  Then we'll help you design you own personal "rules" for play to help you lose less and rack more chips when the table is hot.  We'll wrap up with the importance of a winning attitude as we play a mock session around the table with a special prize for the player who ends up with the most chips.  Tuition for this betting strategy session is $369 per person.  If you sign up for one of the Dice Control sessions plus the Intuitive Betting Strategy class the combined cost is $695.  Players can sign on for two Dice Control sessions plus the Betting Strategy Session for a total of $995. 
  Stand-alone Intuitive Betting Session - $369
  One Group Dice Control Session PLUS Intuitive Betting Session: $695
  Two Group Dice Control Sessions PLUS Intuitive Betting Session:  $995
If you prefer to pay by telephone with a credit card contact Dice Coach direct at 1-866-DICEMAN.  That's 1-(866) 342-3626.
Still trying to understand BoneTracker and don't know where to begin?  On Sunday morning from 9AM - 12PM BoneTracker creator Maddog and founder Irishsetter will teach a series of three BoneTracker classes.  Sessions will run from 9AM - 10AM, 10:15AM - 11:15AM , AND 11:30AM - 12:30PM.  Class size will be limited to three students per session.  During the session itself Maddog will cover the initial set-up of BoneTracker for recording your results, how to input your rolls, the significance of the various performance factors, analyzing your results using charts, roll stats, and the oft-ignored dice tool.  Each attendee will receive a copy of the latest and greatest version of BoneTracker to take home and install on his own computer.  Tuition for the BoneTracker sessions is $129 per person. 
  Stand-alone BoneTracker Session - $129
  One Group Dice Control Session PLUS Sunday BoneTracker Session - $495
  Two Group Dice Control Sessions PLUS Sunday BoneTracker Session: $795
If you prefer to pay by telephone with a credit card contact Dice Coach direct at 1-866-DICEMAN.  That's 1-(866) 342-3626.
Add to all of these learning opportunities the chance to hook up with like-minded DI's from around the country, live sessions with the coaches, and all of the amenities that Las Vegas has to offer and it's hard to go wrong.  It's The Final Fling.  Make your plans to attend today. 
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. - Milton Berle -

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