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A new, secret way to beat Craps:


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    TOSS BAR                         


We are excited to announce a new item to supplement our practice units.  It's a Toss Bar and it will help you with your toss provided you own a craps table or one of our practice tables.

So, What is a Toss Bar and why would I need one!

Regular Craps Table Setup




Set Up

Experienced dice setters know that one aspect of success at the table depends on a consistent toss of the dice to the table surface.  An important component of an effective toss delivery is the degree of the arc of the toss as well as consistently hitting the target spot on the table. 

The Toss Bar is designed to teach the player muscle memory that will result in a consistent arc of the dice during the toss.

The Toss Bar is adjustable so the student can practice various toss arcs to prepare for differing table conditions. It will help you find that perfect arc that compliments ones total delivery skills.

The Toss Bar was developed by our good friend Paul Crews. The Dice Coach has used it with a number of students with fantastic results. My first in-casino session after spending an hour with the Toss Bar produced a 34 roll hand!

The units are now available from the Dice Coach for $49.95 each plus $22.00 shipping and handling.  Please use our Toll-Free number when ordering.

Call: 1-(866) 342-3626   to order.

Only $49.95 + $22.00 Handling & Shipping.

"Additional shipping charges apply if outside the continental United States. For shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, please call for quote."

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