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A new, secret way to beat Craps:


Steve's Bottom Line
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Custom Made
Practice Rail

Here is a way that you can have your very own throwing station utilizing the Dice Coach's "exclusive" custom made Practice Rail.  This is the ideal solution for the person who wants an inexpensive yet functional solution that will simulate throwing from a rail that is the next best thing to standing at an actual craps table.

Many of you have called and asked if we could make this piece of our exclusive Throwing Station available.   Not only can we do that, we've included instructions on how to utilize a standard card table, or any other table you might have, to have your own custom setup. If you have an old card table laying around you can have your own throwing station set up with very little time and effort!

Just purchase our Practice rail, and with only a few more bucks ( a piece of plywood, about $4), a few minutes of time drilling a couple of holes, and you're in business!

Our customers who have purchased our Throwing Stations and Practice Tables have only the highest praise for our units.  Now you can have your very own throwing station and with a craps table layout (not included) you have your own virtual casino sessions.

For those of you who don't need, or want a portable solution, like our Custom Made throwing Station, then this is the unit for you!

Truly, "A thing of beauty!"

Dice, chips & layout NOT included.

Specifications: Practice Rail 
9" wide, 19" long and 11" high. 

Includes knobs, hardware and instructions how to attach this unit to a card table or any other suitable unit.

A snap to set up and take down!

Only: $199.00*

Special Order Only!


Turn This .....

... into this

Card table NOT included.

Card table NOT included.

Each unit is custom made and orders will be filled in the order they are received.  Please allow 7 - 10 days for delivery. 

Rail  - $199.00
This package includes the rail, knobs, hardware and a 12" by 24" piece of billiard cloth. Price is $199.00 plus $55.00* shipping & packing (Continental US Only).  Call for shipping charges outside the Continental US. 
**NOTE: Both packages come with instructions and suggestions.

*"Additional shipping charges apply if outside the continental United States. For shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, please call for quote."

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