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Custom Made
"Mini" Table Top Practice Unit

Here's a practice unit you can set up in the home, your office, or just about anywhere.  It is compact, affordable and very portable.  Use it to get a few minutes practice no matter where you are!

Slip this unit into your suitcase the next time you hit the road on a trip to Las Vegas or on a business trip.  The casinos make you pay to practice, so use this unit to get a few minutes practice before you head to the tables for some live play.

You can order this unit with it's own suitcase.  This is the ideal solution for the person who wants a light weight unit that can be put up and taken down in a flash!  This unit also has a very true craps table bounce.  

A great unit, due to size, to teach you toss the dice softly.  The unit is shipped with a set of precision dice and a sheet showing the basic dice sets.

Specifications: About 6 pounds, 10 pounds with case.
18 " long, 13 1/4" wide and 3" thick.
Oak veneer plywood with a  Pecan stain. Reinforced corners,  handle, hinged and latch.

Practice Box 
11 3/4" wide, 16 1/2 " long and 9 1/2" high.  Oak veneer plywood with a  Pecan stain. 

Sets up in only a couple of minutes!

Only: $239.00* 
with the case
without the case 
(includes a pair of dice)

Avaiable NOW!

Ready for practice!

Lid open showing contents

Case contents

Can used for size only

Each unit is custom made and orders will be filled in the order they are received. Special Order Only  

Payment is 50% down ($119.50 for the Mini T and Case or $69.50 for the Mini T only) at the time of order.  You will be notified when your unit is ready to ship and final payment of $119.50 plus $75 shipping & packing or $69.50 plus $55.00* shipping & packing (US Only) will be required.  
Please Call our Toll-Free number to order: 1-(866) 342-3626 (Pacific 9am - 5pm)

*"Additional shipping charges apply if outside the continental United States. For shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, please call for quote."

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything. - Geena Davis -

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